✨Make wishes come true! – My Talking Tom 2 ✨ (NEW Game Update)

February 15, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

I love my pets, but believe me, they can be
a REAL menace sometimes. They always WANT something. Oh, Gus! Don’t be so impatient. Alright, fine, we’ll play the drums! You’re a grumpy little fella, aren’t you? Are you having fun? All right – we need to stop now! Someone’s calling me. That’s Sugar! She must be hungry again. Here’s your little treat. Ah, Sugar… You want more? Uh, sorry I think Flip needs me. What is it, Flip? You want me to color in a picture with you? Alright… Luckily we got a couple of new picutres. A hairdesser? No? A helicopter. Okay. Here we go! Flip is such a perfectionist I have to
be precise or he isn’t going to like the picture. What is it Dot? Can’t you see I’m busy. Wait until I finish! OK Dot, can’t you play games yourself? Fine, here’s your jetpack! I’ll watch you fly. Let ‘s just take a break. Oh no! Be careful! Man I am really tired and I need a bath. Looks like Squeak is the only one who understands
that. Well Squeak, I guess you deserved it! Enjoy! Have fun with your pets and don’t forget
to fulfill their wishes! Download My Talking Tom 2 and Play!