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January 31, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

Over the years, the value of gold has continued
to rise. If you have unwanted gold jewelry, bars, or other gold items, you possess a valuable
commodity. In Arizona, it can be difficult to find a dealer that will pay top dollar
for your gold. Pawn Now AZ has been buying, selling, and pawning gold for over 3 decades. When you are in need of quick cash to fund
a new home, business, your retirement, or your college fund, you may consider turning
to a bank to receive a loan. However, bank loans can damage your credit score and include
high interest rates that cost you money. For a more friendly and trusted option, look to
Pawn Now AZ to secure a pawn loan with your valuable item. Pawn Now has been providing pawn loans to
Arizona residents for 30 years. We have pawned on almost one million items and have loaned
up to $1 million to our customers. If you pawn your gold, your bank account and credit
score are not at risk of damage. Your gold jewelry or item will serve as collateral for
your loan. Whether your gold is damaged or in poor condition, we accept non-gold plated
gold items of all types. If you are on the search for gold in Arizona,
we also regularly buy and sell gold items, such as antique jewelry and collectors coins. For more information about our company, contact
us at 480-668-1009 or visit us on our website at