Can a 1987 Amiga beat an iMac at Chess? REMATCH! Battle Chess πŸ†š Stockfish πŸ†š Chessmaster 2000

February 25, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

on the menu today Queens and an Amiga
versus iMac chess rematch with some surprising twists now let’s get cooking that’s a good one oh hello chip dippers
welcome to retro recipes now in that recent video we pitted the Amiga 500
against the MacBook to see who would win at chess. she’s not that smart
really, I was playing her at chess the other day and I beat her three games out of
five. but in our video the Mac won the first game then incredibly the Amiga won the second and
the third game oh wow with the Mac winning the fourth and
bringing things to a draw by the way that was my fastest growing video ever
I know that’s cool right and you guys left some really lovely comments sounds like Dave had a great time – I wonder
what his channels like well anyway a lot of the other comments
that I received said do the test again but this time use an amiga emulator set
for fastest possible speed that way it won’t bore us all and take four days to
just move one piece well to be fair I didn’t do that to begin with because I
would have then got complaints in the comments saying you cheated by using an
emulator but I think now that we’ve actually done it the right way with the
real machine it would be fair to run that test again in that way so let’s do
that and if you’ve forgotten the rules don’t worry you’re allowed to check! all
right let’s start the tournament oh come on how are her jokes better than mine? come on! so this time instead of Ladymactic’s FracBook – uhm – we’re going to use a new iMac I’ll be doing a video about how I got it
to look like this very soon so stay tuned and inside it
doing the work for both the Mac and the Amiga is a 3.6 GHz Intel Core i9 processor. it’s impossible
to work out just how much faster this really is than the amigas motorola 68000
much though we tried but estimates seem to be in the two to four thousand times
faster range and for the Amiga we’re using UAE
the universal Amiga emulator for the Mac so let’s change these three settings now
the JIT compiler stands for just-in-time and a simple way to think about this is
that instead of trying to emulate the amigas motorola processor it compiles
the code and processes it using machine code in the Intel processor instead in
theory this means the Amiga will run almost exactly as fast as the Mac we can
also toggle warp mode on and off for blistering speed although this will
prevent the audio from working while we do for the two games I’m going
to use stockfish chess on the Mac so named because one of the creators is
from Norway known for its stock fish exports and here at retro recipes and we
just love fish and chips and this is just about the smartest chess engine out
there and we’ll set it to its highest skill level but claims it can beat any
chess master maybe even Chessmaster 2000 kinda looks like he sounds – but we’ll
kick things off with battle chess on the Amiga a few of you said that on its
highest skill level it’s actually pretty darn good but the big thing to remember
here is we’re not comparing elo skill ratings or processor speed anymore we’re
just comparing the quality of the programming of the chess engines in the
software and to see if the Amiga really is like the old guy in the park who
knows a few tricks that the younger software doesn’t but there’s only one
way to find out… FIIIGHT!
so both engines are set to their highest skill levels
with a Amiga playing from the bottom and the Mac playing from the top down
now as the Amiga is the underdog this does give it a 54% advantage but I think
we can allow it that now watch as I hit go on stockfish you can see it thinking
through the thought tree of all the possible future moves that this game
could take and it’ll keep changing its mind as it discovers better moves and as
these machines can still take up to 10 minutes per move I will keep skipping
ahead to save you getting chess “bored”Mac moved its pawn to e6 but
interestingly then shows what it thinks the Amiga should do next this will be
really useful for comparing the AI and the Mac thinks the Amiga should move its
pawn to there but instead the Amiga moves the knight so we’ll mirror that
on stock fish which I’ll always keep up in the corner here so you can watch it
thinking for both sides now thinks the Amiga should retaliate by… it keeps changing its mind but it settles
on the pawn and actually the amiga follows suit now this might be explained
by the fact that the Amiga is using a 30,000 opening move database and this is taken from Chess Championships so the Amiga is not actually thinking at
this point but any moment now it will have to start because the
moves just become too random for any database and the amiga takes first blood
poor little pawn so now let’s really skip things ahead and show both
computers moves on these slightly more entertaining Amiga’s board but feel
free to keep an eye on the Mac’s suggestions in the corner wait a minute this doesn’t look good for
the Amiga now I’ll always be honest I really wanted
the Amiga to win in part because it’s just so fun and in a second we’ll look at
some of the other Battle Chess moves that didn’t come up in this game
PCBWay are absolutely terrible at making chess boards but if you needs some
PCBs we recommend PCBWayyyyyy! because as we all know PCB stands for printed circuit b– Ah ah ah!…
pixelated chess battles. told you [Perifractic] Hey babe? [Ladyfractic] Yeah? [Peri] Bad news. The Mac got Check mate. [Lady] It’s ok you can keep playing after check, “mate” [Peri] No, the Mac got Check mate [Lady – British accent] Alright mate, just keep playing [Peri] no no no not check mate, check mate! the– the Mac won [Lady]
Oh! Sorry! [Peri] what are you writing here anyway but the truth is the Amiga just didn’t
play a good game at all I don’t think battle chess really
deserves the high skill rating that it had however the Chessmaster 2000 really
does I’m pretty sure is the most skilled chess game on the Amiga
speaking of chess masters I was actually having dinner with a chess master the
other day in the retro recipes kitchen but it took him eight minutes to pass
the salt[Amiga] I am the Chess Master
[Peri] well we’ll see about that! we’ll set you to the highest skill level and the Amiga moves its pawn and let’s see what the Mac does the Mac moves is prawn as well
now that was really interesting let’s watch that again
the Amiga moves its knight before the Mac even decides that that is the best move
so somehow the Amiga got there first perhaps using that opening move database this time the Amiga disagrees now the Mac things they
make you should take the pawn with the Knight and it does the Mac thinks the Amiga should move that Knight and it does once again the amiga agrees now I’m not
gonna keep going on about that but I do think it’s fascinating that after over
30 years these two programs are essentially thinking the same and we
can actually watch them both thinking here what we can do though is overlay both boards that way you can actually watch
the Mac’s suggestion arrow and watch the Amiga play on the same board so I’ll
step back as we enjoy another game of retro chess apiecesorry it’s interesting to see the Amiga has
captured more pieces than the Mac well this isn’t necessarily a precursor of
who’s winning as you can see don’t worry there’s nothing
wrong with your video at this point the Mac legitimately crashed … but luckily chess master has an option where you can set up the board and
the Mac had saved this game so I was able to get the game back up and running
though I was worried for a minute there the Mac has the Amiga in
check and for this next move the Mac can’t seem to make up his mind Check again to the
Mac and the Amiga has no choice but to move his king out of the way and check it once again and check again it’s not
looking too good ah and the Amiga loses his knight – good
night things are getting
tense now the Mac is really setting up its final attack
can the Amiga salvage things no wow
white resigns oh well let’s see why that might have happened by playing out the
rest of the game on the Mac well I’m disappointed the Amiga didn’t win
but kudos to her for predicting the end of the game and knowing that it was beat
it makes it a winner in my heart so the score for this match is two nil to the
Mac but why was that well we took processor speed out of the equation
which leaves only more efficient techniques that ignore unlikely branches
of the thought tree and smarter AI taught by machine learning but as I say
all that I can’t help but linger on what a strong game
Chessmaster 2000 really played with over 30 years over the Amiga I guess I’d have
expected the Mac to beat it as fast as it beat battle chess but instead
Chessmaster mirrored many of the moves that the Mac suggested as well yeah I
don’t know what do you think? either way I can say one thing for sure even
though the Mac is clearly stronger, why do I still prefer the Amiga? well thanks
for watching subscribe below and cheerio