Dead Game News Is Mutating!

February 25, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Dead Game News. Sort of. I was originally planning to
have another normal episode, but nope! Everything’s changing instead. The trigger for all this is this channel is getting unpartnered from
YouTube on the 20th due to not enough views. So that means I’ll lose
any features that has, and I’ll have reduced visibility on YouTube. Now that’s not the end of the world…yet– because who knows what YouTube
is going to do in the future– but this is serving as a catalyst for
some changes that were brewing anyway. I will explain everything. First up is, what’s happening
to this channel now? Well, like the title says, it’s mutating. Having done Dead Game
News for a little while, I have two main criticisms about
it I was never able to work out. The first is I’m not the best
person to be reporting the news. I have too many other projects I’m
working on that I care about more; I really DO care about
games not being killed, but this has always been a second-rate job. The other criticism is these videos get
kind of dry compared to my usual fare. That’s because I’m reporting
similar stories over and over again, and my thoughts don’t change much on them. In almost every case, I think killing
games is an entirely preventable situation; the companies aren’t conducting
business responsibly; and frankly, I think the practice of a
company taking your money for a game, then intentionally making that game
unplayable forever should be illegal. Maybe not retroactively illegal since it can be really hard
to fix things after the fact, but SOMETHING should be done to
try to wind this practice down. But that’s not what’s happening. If anything, it’s accelerating
in the opposite direction. So there’s still a need for people
to recognize what’s happening so we can try to affect the future. So with that said, the first
mutation of Dead Game News is it’s more-or-less going to be ending
in its current form on this channel. Instead, what’s going to happen is I’m going to migrate it over to
my main channe, Accursed Farms, but the format is going to be different. Instead of reporting on every major
game shut down or resurrection, I’m going to wait until ones come along that I think are really worthy
of mention in a larger context. So I’ll have less to report, but I’ll have
a LOT more to say on the ones I DO cover and hopefully frame things
as part of a bigger picture. That’s really more my style, anyway. I don’t know what’s going from day to day– the stock market went up and down, some celebrity yelled at their
girlfriend, I don’t know. So this may be the
last video on this channel unless I have some small update later. I don’t know. This is the last
PLANNED video on this channel. Go to Accursed Farms for
future Dead Game News reports. But wait! There’s more! There’s a lot more. I’m
going to make a chart. During my time working on Dead Game News, two people in particular have
really stepped up to help me out. One wishes to remain completely
anonymous, so that’s Mr. X. You won’t be hearing from him. The other has been Jesse Robert
Cox, who wishes to emphasize again he is not the OTHER YouTuber, Jesse Cox. I mean, he seems okay too, but… I don’t think he’s doing anything
to stop games from being killed. Now Jesse is really taking
the initiative on this. He says if I’m not covering
dead game news, then he is. So more power to him. I’m linking
to his channel in the description. So that’s the next mutation. If you want more hard
facts and a fuller picture of all the games that are
being killed, go to him. If you want more color commentary and how this might connect to
larger trends, then come to me. Now he IS looking for
video editing assistance, so if you want to help on that front,
contact [email protected] He has access to that, too. In fact, I would probably turn this
channel over to him completely if I could, but I don’t know how to do that without
giving him access to my other channel also, so instead, this may just have to stay
standing as some sort of virtual monument. The thing with Dead Game News
is I have no competitors. That’s because I’m not competing. My goal isn’t to be the number
one person talking about this. My goal is to stop games from being killed. So the more people that
talk about this topic, and get it permeated into the
consciousness of gamers, the better. Okay, more mutations! Next up, JC has also been running
the Twitter for Dead Game News, so if you want something resembling
the frequency of actual news, this is your best bet. He’s done
a lot of reporting on it so far. And the final mutation of Dead Game News is a project coming at
some point in the future. After I get my own website
fixed–because it needs fixing– I intend to use the same
codebase to create another site that documents every dead game
being killed that we can find. It will be a little like Wikipedia
where anyone can contribute, although I hope to have it
presented more like Steam with screenshots, trailers and
gameplay videos from YouTube so people can really get a
taste of what was being killed. We can have any information on
games that have been resurrected. Also, I want to have an “at risk” section, so any games running today
that are one-server-switch away from being permanently shut
down can make the list also. I think that will drive home to some people
how widespread this problem is becoming. Now this site is going to
serve two purposes: One is just general awareness so gamers start recognizing this as a
fundamental problem with modern games. The second is I want this to act as a
cheat sheet for any future litigators. See, my really long term plan is,
after I get all this stuff up, I’m going to reach out to preservation
groups, consumer rights groups, and really just anyone
with a legal background who might be able to
do something about this. For example, I’ve learned in some countries, unless there’s a monthly fee involved, games are considered products. The end. That means, if the company
makes your product useless, you’re entitled to a refund. Now that in itself might not do much because most people will forget to act on
it, but if we have an easy to access site showing how a company kills
games over and over again and how making products that you pay for
unusable is their core business model, maybe they can get hit with some
sort of fine by a regulatory board, and keep get hitting with those fines
as long as they keep doing this. It’s obvious many large companies
are not going to stop killing games. So I think the only option left
is to use the law against them, where some of this is technically
illegal but just hasn’t been enforced. I think there’s hope for this
approach in many countries. Now the USA is probably a lost cause. I’m not sure there’s anything in US
consumer law to protect buyers against this, but if a company is getting fined over
and over in international markets, then they may just decide it’s
worth the tiny bit of effort to have an end-of-life plan for their game. Games being killed are EASY to fix while
the game is still in the design phase. It’s only after it’s developed
that it can become a nightmare. Right now publishers doing this have no financial incentive to keep their
games alive AND they’re not facing any legal consequences for shutting down
games that consumers have paid money for. That’s what needs to change. And because this myth keeps persisting, some of you out there think
there’s nothing we can do because they cover themselves in
their End-User License Agreements. Guys, those are not legal documents. They have absolutely no influence on the laws of the country
the publisher is selling in. The only thing that matters
is what the regional LAW says. Now this part of the plan
is easily months out. But if you like the sound of this,
you don’t have to wait on me. I don’t even want to be doing this. I’d rather be making
videos about space burgers, but for me, this is sort
of like a hole in your roof that’s gotten so bad, you
can’t ignore it anymore. So those are my plans for the future. No real Dead Game News this time since
I guess I’m killing this channel. Check the chart for where you want to go. More Dead Game News coming
from me on my main channel. Bye! [Subtitles by danielsangeo]