For Life – Official Trailer

February 1, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

Hey, sweetheart.
Hey. Jasmine has something
to tell you. It’s gonna be
a blessing, dad, but you have to get out
of here to be a part of it. I’m gonna need you. ♪♪ Aaron: I used to be
just like you. I had a wife I loved. I had a family and a home. But then something happened. -NYPD! Search warrant!
-Hands up! ♪ I am walking through this ♪ No! ♪ Storm myself ♪ Aaron: I, Aaron Wallace,
am serving a life sentence for something I didn’t do. Except today,
for the first time, I’ve got a way to fight back. How are you here? Hard work and goodwill. What’s your method? Tell me how the hell
this happened. So, apparently,
he figured out some totally insane
loophole in the system. Becoming a lawyer is
what’s getting me out. I know you think your dad
is coming back someday, but he’s not. Just watch your back. Going after the DA is not
the smart move right now. Wallace isn’t stopping. Now we need to cut him off
at the knees. You move people around
like they’re pieces on some chessboard,
but that kid, that kid right there
is not some pawn. ♪ Ooh, they tried
to bring me down ♪ ♪ Ooh, they tried
to count me out, ooh ♪ I’ve been fighting them
for every second I’m not there
for her…for you. ♪ Is the power ♪ Aaron: Whatever it takes… whoever I have to fight… It’s a big decision.
Take a minute, I’ll be around. …no matter how hard
they come at me… I can’t ever
thank you enough. You go live your life, man. ♪ Is the, is the power ♪ Aaron: …I will get
myself home, and I will have my life again. “For Life,” series premiere
Tuesday, February 11, 10:00/9:00 Central, on ABC.