Good Game

February 12, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

(electronic beeping) (dramatic music) – We’re almost there. – Are these guys really
supposed to be that good? – Well, apparently, they’re
the best in the country, so. – All I’m sayin’, it better
be worth the four-hour drive. – Yeah, I think it will be. Let’s tuck these boys in at night, put another victory on the checklist. – Oh yeah, another win for the boys. (laughing) (suspenseful music) (patrons murmuring) – Dude, what if they’re not here? – Let’s get a drink. – Two beers. – So where are you guys from? – Aspen. – I think I know why you’re here. – We’re here to play these
two kids in Foosball. Apparently, they’re the
best in the country. – Hi, nice to see you two. Don’t you ever get tired of us? You two, never. We plan on a sweep; see you in a bit. Hey, go do your thing. – They’re deaf, they’re
deaf and they’re dumb. (laughing) Oh, this is gonna be–
– This is gonna be a cakewalk. – Cakewalk.
– Exactly. – This one’s ours, cheers. (somber music)
(Foosball table clacking) – [Player] Yeah, your puck. – Oh. – All right, three beers on us, we got it. – No sweat. Is there anyone else? Looks like. You up? Do you want to play? – I don’t understand what you say. What is this? – Okay, – Best of five, come on, dude. We got it. – You are so buying. Let’s go. (somber rock music) We’ve never lost first round…ever.! – Never. How’m I supposed to tell them? What do you want to drink? – Right here. Beer. – Hey, everybody, I
learned how to say beer. – Three beers, please. How do you say good game? – Nice. – Stop. Seriously, stop. How do you say good game? – Good game. – Good game? Good game. Let’s go. (somber rock music) (exclaiming) – Oh. – Dude, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we are getting licked
by a couple of mutes. – Rick–
– I got you. How do you say good game? – Good game, good game? – Yeah, good game. – Okay, let’s go. Let’s go. (ball rattles) (somber rock music) (exclaiming) (somber rock music) (ball rattles) (exclaiming) – Yeah, sure. (somber rock music) – Loser buys a round of drinks
for everybody in the bar. (ball rattles) – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Nice. (exclaiming and cheering) – Thanks, high five. – What do you guys want? – The usual. The usual? Yeah, the usual. – Pappy for everyone. (cheering) – What is pappy? – Thanks guys, enjoy. – 27 dollars per shot? – Don’t worry, it’s delicious. (laughing) – You guys are good. Good game. – Good game, you too. – [Jason]
Good game, both of you. Cheers. – Delicious. Little finger and thumb. Just the half, come on, delicious. – [Rick] Delicious. – There you go. – Good game. Good game.
– Yeah, thanks. – Can I join your team? – I think it’s good, yeah. – Cheers. (slow rock music) (bar patrons murmuring)