Making a Corner Desk and Redesigning the Shop!

February 4, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

Welcome to make something
with me, Dave Picciuto, and today we are working
on the redesign of my shop. We are going to put up this really cool
3d wall texture as well as make this super simple corner desk out of solid
Hickory and a welded steel base. This area of my shop is going to be
used as the backdrop for a lot of future videos. So the look and design
of it is really important to me. It’s a super simple build and it
is brought to us by Simplisafe. So this is going to be my new confessional
talking head area of the shop. We just put up these 20 by 20 plastic
panels that gives it a nice 3d texture. We’re going to add some lights up here, layer that’s going to reflect
off of these textures. It’s going to be really cool, but the next thing I want to do is put a
little corner desk here for my computer and speakers. So I took some tape and I laid it out
and the first design that I had was this big sweeping curve and it didn’t like
it didn’t leave enough room for laptop activities. So then I shortened it up and then brought
it out a little bit more with these 45 and 90 degree angles, and I think
that is what’s going to work for this. That also gives me room
to build little shelves, a little cubby holes along the side
for more background decoration when I’m doing my talking head stuff.
So I already went to Kencraft, I got some of this beautiful Hickory and
we’re just going to make a nice simple top. And then for the legs we’re
going to weld some legs. We’re going to just weld legs
together. Real simple, really easy. All done in a day. Dan,
you ready? Dan’s ready. I had this drawn up in Fusion 360 and
the top is just a nice simple little 90 and 45 degree top and then we got a
simple leg base that will weld up in the other shop. Now that we have all
the boards roughly cut, they’re going to glue together just
like this to help me with that glue up, I’m going to use a Festool Domino, which is a floating tenon between all the
boards. That doesn’t add any strength. It’s not necessary, but if
there’s any cup in the boards, it’s going to remove that cup and align
all the boards when I glue them up, which will mean less
sanding down the road. Got our clamps all situated
as time to glue everything up. Just going to put a glue
along the edge here, pound in our Dominoes and
clamp it all together. So I’ve got glue, dominoes in
there. They’re all started. We’re just going to clamp it
together. Looking, looking pretty, pretty good on the ends.
They’re not perfectly even, so just put these little clamps on right
here to level that out and then throw on this guy on top. We’re good to go. While that is drying, we’re going to head out into the
metal shop and work on the leg. So I have my three legs
cuts on the bottoms of them. I’m going to weld in a nut so I
can take a bolt and screw it in, have adjustable feet because my shop is
crazy uneven even though it’s a three legged table, I want it to sit level in
there. So next thing you need to do… Oil tapping fluid, it’ll probably drill fine without it. You son of a bitch, So I have all the pieces cut for the
leg. It is time to weld it together. I have these two stretchers here that
I want a weld to the inside of the leg. I had them sitting up on a quarter inch
piece of wood just to give it a little offset so it centers it on the leg and
I will tack it together and once it’s tacked together then I
can do the full weld. These plates here will sit on top and
this will be welded onto each of the three legs. That way I can
screw this into the table. While the primer and paint is drying,
we’ll take the clamps off here, draw in our shape and cut out the top. We’re just going to take our track
and our circular saw and cut that out. Now that I’ve got that all sanded, I’ve got a a bit and my
router and I’m going to route, a nice little champer all the
way around. Just on the top. Sorry, raised a bit, just a little bit so I can do a second
pass and that’s going to remove any burning or chip out that
I had on that first pass. While I add some finish to this. I’d
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before they were a sponsor. Thank you. Simply say for sponsoring today’s video. Now let’s get back to this corner table. All of this beautiful Hickory
came from my friends at Kencraft. They had been a longtime
supporter of [inaudible]. Please visit them at
they’re a family run business and great friends of mine, great selection
of wood and they do sell online. I only put one coat finish on here
because we’re actually not done yet. We’re going to do a router inlay design
here on the top and in my Patrion video this week we discussed what
we’re going to do with it. It’s going to be super cool. That’s going to be a future video and
then within that video we’re also going to take care of the knots
and fill them in as well. This area of the shop is meant to be a
backdrop for talking head videos that are coming up in the future, so
we’ve got some more work here. This is going to evolve over time. We’re going to build little shelves and
cubby holes to put decorative items over here and over here I’m building a
neon light that’s going to go up here. It’s a DIY kit that’s going to be it’s
own video and then we’re also going to have some colored lights up here
and some various other things. Just to give it some
really cool depth and uh, just to make a really cool background. Currently I edit all the videos but I
want to do more videos and different types of videos. So Dan is going to help me and this is
going to be his little editing station here in the shop. I chose Hickory because I really wanted
the rustic look and I wanted something to really contrast with the backdrop
and I’m really loving Hickory. I just love the light
and dark areas of it. I’m probably going to work with
Hickory a lot more in the future. The design of this table was
meant to look and feel light. So I just wanted a wood top. I did not want to make a wood base because
I think woodworking projects that are all wood kind of has a heavier feel
and there’s a time and place for that. So we welded the legs, we made the adjustable feet and
I’m really super happy with it. It’s meant to slide out and I can place
it here when I want to do talking head videos where I need a desk and
and and a place to put things. This is just the first of a few shop
upgrades that we’re doing here in the next few weeks, this wall here, which is probably a 20 foot
wall and it’s plain and white, my buddy Matt is going to come over
here and we’re going to work on a mural. He’s a great and brilliant artist and so
we’re going to add some color here and then the sliding wall behind the bench, that’s all going to be painted and
added in some playful, colorless. When I built the shop, the thought was I
didn’t want it to feel like a woodshop. I wanted it to feel different
and I achieved that. Doesn’t feel like a wood shop with the
carpeted floors and the drop ceiling and the white walls, but it feels more like an office and
now I’ve decided I want it to be more playful so we’re going to add
lots of color to the shop. I want to walk in here and I just want to, I want to feel at ease. I want to feel inspired and I think adding
some splash of color to this place is really gonna help out with that. Also over on Patron we discuss like
the next five or six videos that we’re working on. We’ve got some really cool
stuff going on over here. All right, that is enough rambling. We’ll
see you soon with another video. As always be safe, have fun, stay
passionate and Make Something Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, wait, wait, wait,
wait. David from the future here. One more thing before we
go the leg on the back. I unscrewed and enlongated the holes in
the metal bracket and then screwed it back in but not very tight to allow
the tabletop to expand and contract. Totally forgot about that. Good thing remembered before the spring
cause bad things would have happened to that tabletop also. I painted a wall black underneath here
to keep it that nice dark look and you’d be worried about the weight on the
front of it and tipping forward. Don’t worry about it. It
does not call down calm.