MOST UNDERRATED MARIO GAME – Let’s Play Super Mario RPG  (SNES)- Part 1

MOST UNDERRATED MARIO GAME – Let’s Play Super Mario RPG (SNES)- Part 1

February 14, 2020 7 By Sebastian Fry

hi everyone this is Prince Mario and
welcome to a new let’s play that I’m MOST UNDERRATED MARIO GAME=Let’s Play Super Mario RPG Part 1 going to try the experiment of posting
longer videos which are hour long videos I’m going to do on this channel for now
on anyway so we’re gonna skip the intro piece we see as later on the game the
game is super mario RPG legend of the seven stars for the Super Nintendo a
game a lot of you definitely heard of though knows many have actually played
and I kind of let share my love for this game anyway so please give a like in
this beer show through all your friends and folks on Toronto’s notifications and
subscribe because helpful in cell P anyways you have to name your file I’m
going to name it Prince as usual anyway so we’re gonna see the intro cutscene
which is why I decided to skip the intro and that’s what should explain about
this LP is that these this is gonna be less videos because it even though it is
a longer game I’m going to start posting much longer videos like probably videos
are at least an hour long so basically you’re gonna see you’re gonna see I’m
basically gonna get more watch time and less video from an LP and when we start
the game of thousands Castle it’s the typical Bowser captures P scenario or is
it watch the rest the video to find out okay anyway so now we are in Bowser’s
Castle we go here in the beginning the game and at the end of the game anyways
so basically based controls d-pad to move or a joystick if you’re playing
this on Virtual Console basically the average d-pad to move B to jump and
basic controls and all that those are basic Super Nintendo controls here’s our
first battle in the game this is a required fight basically if you press a
right if the right time while attacking you can basically do a counter attack
you’re not really supposed to know this at this point the game if you get hey
you can also block e you’re not really supposed to know it
this point in the game because they don’t explain q told a little bit later
but still all all attacks they do normally do one damage sometimes if
you’re faster you get to go again or this case I’m fast in the enemy so I get
to go again anyway I love this game a lot basically so I will share my love
and probably like I will share all of my luck I wanted to do this game for a
while but due to technical difficulties it’s followed me back and reused music
for Morial three don’t let bowser bruise you mario mario
prepare yourself for the great beyond anyway bowser has an unlimited amount of
HP so your idea is to attack the chain that’s a catch to his chandalier anyway
so attack the chain a few times and he should go down more of the chain aim for
the chain okay I just explained that you can also do a special movement you jump
– I’ll show that off you press wide the right time it does more damage and
actually took it out what was that sound no no it’s a chain reaction
hang on King clink yuh coming Mario fight Mario bye
I shouldn’t do that in the Bowser boys that was Pete that said it this should
finish you Mahad do you think I was just gonna give
her to you you’re always in my way this is it I’m gonna take you out Mario Bunga
oiled again and we can jump all the way up this amount of height to reach peach
that rhymed Oh Mario you had me so worried let’s get
out of here shriek Mario I’m going to fall but the
game is not over yet even though he saved peach and here is a giant sword
then we’re gonna see later on in the game and it stabs Bowser’s Castle on the
head in case I didn’t explain what the game is it is Super Mario RPG you know
obviously tell from the title screen what get underrated game I have to say anyway so we get thrown all the way from
Bowser’s Castle so the game really only has just begun you take a look at this
really quickly I like Oh Mario like perfectly Lance in the pipe after all
isn’t it his house is called pipe house and I like how he perfectly lands on the
pipe I thought oh no this is something wrong and look more ghosts hanging on
the hanger hey Mario lots of people use something called a door to get into
their houses anyway I came by to pick up toadstool since she’s a bit late anyway
this is Margo’s house basically either you can’t really do that much in houses
but if you trough like Mario’s house I guess you can take a nap in when you
kick a nap it’s fully heals your HP anyway that’s what you can do in houses
anyway this is let’s see what toad says hey I thought the princess is here with
you Mario so where is she Mario what’s with the silent treatment
you’re not telling me something it’s Bowser again isn’t it oh no here we
go again more racket like you always do anyway so um there’s the same block
right here basically you can um you can save your game this way and every time
you die go back he lost save point anyway so we’re going to go back to
Bowser’s key to see what the hell is going on with Bowser’s keep here with F
redundant and this is dry and Sorge halt who goes there a trespasser this
constant belongs to us the smithy gang here’s our first step towards taking
over this world and four weren’t for nosy characters like you we practically
own this world let’s see you do with this apparently a sword has so much
power then it can destroy a bridge why does the more you jump toward the door
so he’d be in Bowser’s Castle anyway so anyway so now we can’t go back
to Bowser’s keep otherwise this will happen the bridge to Bowser’s keep is
completely gone so I guess all we have left to do now is to go back to Mario’s
add anyway so toad is no longer there I guess he went into our house if I can
actually go in the house okay toad what were you doing in my house
you’re back so soon did you forget something
no what happened then I like the way more you explain things in this game
like yes to imitate it the bridge surprises keep us out now just wonderful
we must inform the Chancellor mushroom King rat once let’s go Mario anyway oops excuse me oh that bump on your head
reduce your HP level one lesson king of those famous items on a per kilo
write-up received a mushroom I’ll use items yes I do
oh I see you’re just a world traveling experience Mario now why did I rush back
I had something to tell you back I remember I came to warning that mushroom
weighs swimming with monsters I just barely made it back here in one piece
Mario please do something perhaps I can help you know about time hits yes I do
I just explained that earlier in the video hey you better watch out if he
knows about timed hits he’s gonna punch your lights out he’s got more bark than
bite huh now on our spec I come to tell you that’s right we need to tell the
Chancellor of our toadstool I’ll see you over at Mushroom Kingdom
doesn’t cake desolate you’ll receive three mushrooms anyway so now we’re
gonna go further we can now get out of Morez pub and go to mushroom way anyway
so basically there is a Goomba I might as well explain the battle system in
this game basically it’s typically it’s the
typical battle situation in RPG which the irony is that this game was
developed by Square and they put in they publish Final Fantasy any an XP for
every battle you do and basically if you check this if you check the UM status
right here you can see all your stats and we have 14 experience points Lu
level two and I think it’s a good idea to get to level two anyway these enemies
are koopa troopas they are weak their weakness is the jump attack so Branca
the jump attack cakes three @p so impression since you only get ten NFP in
this point in the game it’s kinda risky new jump attack plus a couple hits
normally can take it out there the Koopas are a little bit more dangerous
than the goombahs are the Koopas HP is typically 10 anyway some try to court
I’m gonna try to avoid most battles and turns in trouble so he might as well go
help them by fighting goombas these battles only take like a second so I’ll
see the point of cutting on like most LPS do least about what the goombas do
not like the music that plays when you win phew my life was flashing before my
eyes for a second there here’s a little something in return we
see the honey syrup which cannot take lfb anyways as a Goomba blocking I guess
some I guess we need to go I guess I want to go help tote again but I have to
fight two enemies this way anyway so have you guys been doing I’ve been doing
pretty well basically one thing I want to explain how this I already explained
how this LP is gonna work basically I’m going to try to start posting like hour
long videos on this channel mainly so I can get more watch time that’s kind of
thing I feel I feel since YouTube or else watch shop and make longer videos I
guess a lot more watch time that’s the thing
and I want to entertain you guys for a longer time point I was a close call
here’s our token of my appreciation we see the flower tab which you actually
heal that to make– we can actually use that
your FP are your flowers I keep thinking of paper memorial it’s why I’m like um
what I’m thinking of FB anyway those are mushrooms they Illya Foley now how close
are we to level two where’s 7 XP so we might as well fight a
few more enemies these are spite these are our enemies of these these are spy
Keys these are far more dangerous than the goombas and Koopas especially when
you’re at level 1 I’m gonna try to get to level 2 before I am fight the
mini-boss because I think it’s recommended fortunately don’t get any XP
for fighting the enemies in Bowser’s Castle and sometimes if you block it
right take no damage we only got two experience points from that I believe
we’re you know the set was 7 so were 5 away I’m just gonna keep fighting these
spy knees until I am level up a bit I still do another jump attack to make it
go quicker anyway so basically I believe one more spiny should take it out as
long as wait wait deck I throw it’s finding ok I think this battle should at
least get be enough to get me to level um 20 level and Jesus I’m running on HP
if you thing if you get a game over it just like really says game over and then
you go back to your last save point I honestly don’t want to do that sound
like I don’t wanna have to go through right mushroom way again yes I um I
should just use a mushroom that heals 30 HP go out now really matters I would
taken zero damage anyway and I think one more enemy should be
enough to get on one more enemies should be enough to get us to level up anyway
so and also what I think the spiny is they’re immune to jumps so that’s the
thing these I’m playing this on the Wii U eShop I’m not playing this on a Super
NES cartridge nor my playing this on the SNES classic because I have the Super
NES card but chose not play anyway we reach level 2 we have the option
choosing a bonus whether power and all we only get one boost you want to go for
the boost that’s like more than one when it comes to leveling ups like we I level
up star power because it’s like goes from 12 to 15 anyways this the hammer
brother I recommend you get to level 2 or 3 before you buy them hey looking at
me my hammer and I don’t like you Mario you better be careful he’s got a
mean streak now my camp now you got my hammer angry you shouldn’t have done
that anyways so we might as well jump attack
on them because that’s kind of their weakness I also plays it from music sure
this game is an amazing soundtrack I might as well do another young jump
attack fix up the first one or I’m gonna have to use a honey my honey shut next
time because we don’t have enough for another jump please I’ll use my honey
syrup one thing is kind of confusing about this game is sx2 use the items and
also not only that it’s also x2 soul it’s also the same for special it’s also
why to select is awesome you kind of confusing your first time playing this
game I think another jump attack should take it out these humans these hammer
bros are a joke use jump attacks an especially if you’re at level 2 and we
took them out we got a decent amount of XP and we got
a flower jar thanks Mario is running so fast I wasn’t gonna watch where I was
going Muslim Kingdom says ahead we’re almost
there Mario okay where did this hammer come from hmm do you know what this is is the hair real significant signal on
it I came to read today no it’s not a chance we’re gonna see when you want
them with this and you never know Mike can be hammy and we were she picked up a
hammer let’s get a move on I’ll see you in Mushroom Kingdom and where might as
well equip this hammer the Hammers gonna give us it I did not mean press B but
the Hammers gonna give us an attack boost anyway so we are now in Mushroom
Kingdom anyway so now we get to go into the
castle Moria there you are I’ll tell the Chancellor you’re here I’ll wait for you
down the hallway look I’m gonna get there first I’m gonna get the first I’m
gonna get there first feel like I got the first turmoil is a ride more you’ll
thank goodness you’re here we heard an explosion or something about this key
goes so loud I almost dropped my spores excuse me where’s the princess you’re
part of your house hours ago I fear the worst could Bowser be somehow behind all
this Mario’s imitating it sports alive you’re telling us the Bowser has
abducted the princess again never mind we’ll be up to you to keep and rescue
Princess Toadstool is reenacting more of it I just love watching Mario like imitate
these scenes like he’s like he’s imitating when the bridges out like all
the stuff we already saw he got to keep us on honest tile uh saleable what a
awful powers at work here sir so I came and talked today
Mario her life is in your hands please don’t save our dear princess Mario Mario
trips I almost forgot this may not help you but why don’t you take it along
we’ve seen the map Mario and he falls down the stairs time forgive me but I
can’t stop worrying about the princess go to the teller and prepare your
journey the vault guard should assist you anyway I might as well take a quick
visit to the vault guard we couldn’t see him before but um you know I see him
twice in the whole game but um Mario the Chancellor’s fill me in come let me show
you around we can hit these blocks right here this must remember story I hit
points and flower points unfortunately mushrooms you find only restore your HP
so beware this is a flower the more get des moines gathered the more flower
points a lot in battle find them this is a coin the small ones worth one large
run work ten this one’s a ten that was kind of nice anyway we can also use our
flower draw we also got from fighting the hammer brothers now fifteen flowers
that’s kind of nice come back here come back here again there’s a character
we’re gonna see in a little bit oh no the reptiles stole my grandma’s
coin grandpa’s boy not grandma what am I thinking boohoo sniffle I can’t cry big
boys don’t cry but it’s just not fair what am I gonna do Wow nice is the
freaking baby Mario in Yoshi’s Island like that it’s just it’s just that
annoying that’s also a Super Nintendo game yeah yes guess you’re soaking wet
are you I’m all right now sorry there’s nothing like a good cry
but why was I crying there was some reason and Moya faints my grandpa asked
me to buy some things for him when I walked into town the Crocs taught me oh
yeah he took it from me you stole my corner cash I chased him but he was way
too fast Mario let’s see how you’re going to take
care of Bowser wow he has a santa chance wow you’re the Mario I know all about
you you’ve got more jumping you than a box of frogs
I’m mallow from Cal tackle pod I’m a frog but can’t believe it I can’t jump
embarrassing huh how about it Mario will you company take that filthy thief you
can say no but he’s just gonna keep asking the same thing can you say yes
eventually he’ll cry again if you sing no too many times the young frog mallow
who doesn’t look at all like a frog joins Mario in his quest anyway so now
basically let’s visit the shop Chuck this guy hey Mel what kept you I was
starting to worry wait till you hear this you see why I’ve already heard old
frog you just told me he seemed to know everything hold on
listen the truth of the matter is well um the Kohen was stolen what well if
that’s the case I guess we can’t trade what a shame huh oh but there’s need to
worry Mario here will help us out that’s so well if memorials on your team will
either coin back in a jiffy not so fast ik this way people I need it when this
is a pick-me-up he restores it restores anyone with a fainting battle which
Malik also joins in battle now I heard you Sam for me
I wanna go here really quickly and now i order you jump
and see the flower I’m trying to get as many flowers in the game a spot I
possibly can this will not be a 100% run we can also we can also um buy stuff
here like I might as well buy a few things here you know I hate no minute
but I love this job what are you looking for you might as
well um I might as well buy a shirt and pants for um Mario in mallow I might as
well buy a couple of honey syrups and a pick-me-up and I’m going to equip the
shirt and pants the shirt and pants basically increased the fence Ridge
easily on the Game Boy or something report sir I saw him he’s here somewhere
he’s assumed past a second ago did you see him he looks something like this and
I can’t Mario can shape than other things well yes exactly
he’s the one who took my coin why did you stop him because I forgot my bazooka
at home she’s he’s a tonne he has a bazooka
you can stop either that way and they both faint come back here for are you
mad you’ll never catch me a snail could outrun you morons later that’s him Hori
Mario let’s get up we are now in a new area
myzel um Muslim Kingdom and it’s way we’re now in being this way I seen the
same as eSport there he is he probably smashed it in that bag let’s nabim are
you trying to tell me going your mind if we get hurt kid when I want to see how
close mall is the level straight he’s 25 XP away but basically what I highly
recommend is that basically before fighting yeah I’m basically oh there’s a
new enemy but um basically what I recommend is that I’m getting more at
least level 3 before you fight the UM croc Braco you have to fight em and
basically hey yes you eat I’ll eat more you learned a new move at level 3 I
might as well highly recommend you level them up to at least level 3 and with a
stay blocked weekend I can pick and save our game here and one thing I want to explain is that
the first time playing through basically um I didn’t know about the UM the save
blocks in hotels every town you know nor did I know about bats eight blocks like
died on Krakow only to go all the way back from Orioles pad and I never touch
the game again for a while anyway oh you persistent part 100 miles ahead
of yet yes we need to chakra yes Mario can run pretty fast in this game not
fastest brocco and there’s another battle right thankfully Melrose ability
Thunder bull which we can take out enemies faster I’m not some of those
things in the peer battle if you press applies right now it’s under bullet you
do more damage anyway so basically we might as well tackle Krakow I might as
well do the first part of the game in this one video I’m not sure how long the
video is gonna take and probably like an hour or something my goal is to make it
at least an hour give it up already this trench rock is tempted but it’s not the
time anyway sorry but we might as well get the UM pressure box and today’s a
storm and then what is a magnet Krakow got the storm and he’d be like fastest l
I want even get a level off from this you can get a level up from this anyway
how close is Mario to a level great 8xb Mallos one away through that we’re
fighting this enemy right here anyway frosted if attack the canine
first do they can do some Devon date yeah I’m saying damn expressive fangs one thing is that mallet also starts at
level two you might as well attack might attack the Frog thing Howell I believe
this also this is also fear that lowers back when I was younger thought I
thought they were having a seizure that’s what it looks like
anyway so mallow each is all free in my own psyche train as well attack my
little Christie attacks the only one that one anyway so dead end they just
won’t give up I just have to hide anyway um one thing is how close he’s going to
hiding let’s see if we see it behind him catch him how close can we get – okay
he’s 40 away I might as well fight Nona another one of these guys so I can get
Mario too late I guess those go and one hit with Mario I’ll use the Thunderbolt
is 60 damage now Mallos leveled up we have HP math which maximize HP anyway
so now memorial of a lot okay he actually is enough to level up my girls
level three moira learns fire or began bezel tech increase attack anyways so
basically I’m leveling up also heals the party mem the members II party we’re
also gonna be more later on in the game you’re gonna get T on Krakow and says hi
you’re much I see you guys at my fast intervene this rip tape it’ll take yeah
black 100 more years to catch me I mean we have to go behind him again so that
he’ll turn around which can be a big pain pot your eyes are much faster on
your feet and this rail take yeah 50 more years to catch me maybe it’ll be
like 50 second or five seconds actually you again this is getting a little cell
take you and we corner on enough you got me fair and square give you back your
coin whoa did you really believe me I was lying
this is why I recommend Garrick going to f—– level 3 before fighting because
you’re gonna spam them with fire or because you have to fight him makes it
felt a lot easier you’re a lot of cabin sixty-six damage
yeah and I guess now he’s packin wow he missed Broncos thousand CalFire that’s
another thing is that crock will be stunned the next time you spire warm sixty-eight damage anyway so I might as
well um Jesus Matt well my hitting pal is dead I’m Ashley’s another fire orb
though they take five FPS that’s the thing seventy-two damage grace the honey syrup
or risk thing is I’ll try the honey Sara this next maillot it again the mal gonna
die okay attack Mario anyway okay well I
think one more fire I mean I just will use an obviously as a mushroom on mallow
I got you off what HP rain does to accept we don’t I want to use a fire orb
weird muster oh yeah that heals him but I think a couple more fire orbs should
take it out anyway send me to damage I couldn’t see
what Thunderbolt does I don’t know how much HP that takes and deep the Hammers
enough to take it out and we’d beat them gimme back my coin or I’ll belt you
again what could Mel do that from the start
okay I’m gonna pay back it’s dead go on take back your crummy old coin
adios amigos oh right we got it back anyway we’ve got a SP from that battle
and we got a flower tab yeah we did it we got grandpa’s going back you can
finish my errand now Hey look at this crocker guy that’s the wallet found the
wallet we might as well give that back to somebody at Mushroom Kingdom
and I believe the flower tied that croco gave us no so you can’t use wallet I
want to know what happens when you can use the wallet maybe use this shortcut
it’s back here so I guess favor can first I want to go postmortem a lower
level up okay there are 20 XP each but it takes some enemies at this point in
the game any before you go back to my from Kingdom and its way and we can go
in a Mushroom Kingdom now a nice little show if these enemies these are new
enemies these are shysters shy guys on Spears these are also I believe he’s
also on Yoshi’s Island this is 7 damage eesh I might go through a thunderbolt
now same enough hey come out I think you know there’s also gonna be another boss
so we’re gonna fight inside the castle I highly recommend gained at least level 4
before you fight the boss I probably shouldn’t have used a thunderbolt I
think I regular punch gonna take that hook it out alright 3 XP from that
thanks Mario continue stand watch but everyone seems to say she’s by the way
look I found one 10 coins anyways so um basically what I’ll do is
that um please leave the correct amount of my friends manager right as well
I might go buy a you pick me out maybe I’ll buy the jump shoes that
increases the family bank the PowerMax I thought I was playing a different game
and I use the dark I’m doing it with I might as well quit the jump shoes from
Mario maillot cannot get a weapon until later on so basically one thing I thing
I’ll do is then I’ll fight the boss and then like um I’ll fight the boss and
then I’ll end the video like that but I think some of the later videos will take
longer not so fast pal looking at Cayman bounce
hey maybe look at bounce on his hat and we’re fighting these few meetings 26
damage seek 1 Thunderbolt take it out bring Gus 8 damage to Mario magic we
didn’t have the young shirt and pants web and more you can take it out or the
shy guy whatever it is it’s just me or does this remind me of those things on
shy guys on Stan from Yoshi’s Island anyway this is state block in case
you’re having trouble on the boss battle anyway so if you talk to her it says you
may not sleep in the princess’s bed have you have you no manners and she just
heals you thank you I guess and I did not mean to fight you well I guess it gives us more XP because
it’d be easiest for us to get to level 4 I highly know if you’re gonna get to
level 4 knowing how little battle going I’m gonna explore a little bit of the
castle for a bit because I believe we can um am I trying to say I believe this
is also the only other time in the game where we can go to where the person is
guarding see if I can do that let’s play enemy which I did
it also gives the same items you cannot do this at any other point in the game
unfortunately we are fighting another one of these guys getting repetitive me
use and Thunderbolts anyway so um yes so basically I will I will show off the
boss and then might look at the UM I was one thing I should explain is I we beat
the boss we get a star piece you have to find six piece the star piece and that’s
when you can go to about the castle I cross you to find that early video
everyone screwed up by anyone see if I’m going this room anyone again now there’s
actually a glitch in this room that be time it right gases skip the boss I
can’t do that glitch on the other hand I’m I saw myzel do this legit not so
fast pal look at him came and bounce man we could bounce on his hat listen up gang these guys are gonna put
a stop to our party are we happy about this you’re asking for it or you’re
gonna get it you take the wrong people of balance with bub
how about a fast look to go with the ugly mustache anyway so I like the box
music here seriously it’s really happening anyway so we’re gonna using a
jump on good old Mac here and the jump also doesn’t more damage is all I need
46 I’ll use a thunderbolt on all of them one thing is even though I recommend to
get at least level 4 I do a few pick-me-ups in case any either more your
mallow go down it also says max done which means we have another turn anyway
so your now we turn off those shy guys and flame wall which can do a
devastating amount of damage both of them yeah 9 damage just y ou could died
Maya could die next time I’ll Kayla by myzel I’m a strong HP rain it did 40 it
took 40 HP or anted plane please do that I’m Mario damages I’m malleable and
Mallos down which means thank God I had these pick me ups because I knew I was
gonna need them anyway so I might as well do a thunderbolt at least I have a
few honey syrup ii used very rarely the audience will say get a freebie you quit
attacking mallow please thank you just one more hit Malik and I might as well
use them I’m asli’s a mushroom on mallow because
I don’t want to waste that P for HP right now we got a freebie that’s
awesome and me I’m shy guys are back we missed get zero damage Kylee shy guys
can’t even attack good thing you’re attacking Mario and Max gone which means
how we only have to be shy guys do attack yes we can do a thunderbolt
I guess wet Mario’s turn we’ll use them oh no I actually took him out and it’s
doing flame wall again nothing flame best more damage from flame wall does we
use a honey stirrup I wish I could have got a freebie with that I believe Matt
should be almost done I don’t think he has much fight left and my knees are
inflamed wall this is one more hit Jesus both Mario and mallow could die there’s
one thing I’ll do I’ll use jump did not take him out so I’m gonna use HP ran on
Mario because my lawyers got less HP I don’t care for your death Ballack the
eyes next arm because we have a bunch of hiccups blame please attack Mario with that
thank you and miss that’s even better yes we can use another jump and mallow
use them you better use a mushroom on yourself and use flame wall this is
what’s with it in plain walls and I might as well I might write a mercy how
much it does 26 oh and I killed it anyways we gained 12
XP from that battle and we were level mallory level mallory level for myzel
increase age receive no no it’s a metal increase HP and mardenborough level then
we get into our first store piece in the game basically I’ll gain each star piece
in one video that’s how these longer view is gonna work this is not good this
is not good the mustache one is strong strong yes we
must warn the boss come on Mizar go talk to the Chancellor gracious oh it’s you
Mario what a relief once again wire to the rescue but who were those Chancellor
sir thank goodness you’re alright Mario so with you the guy you’re all
this we all watch you and mushroom kingdoms back to the way it was before
first the princessin out this is too much to bear Mario how about we ask my
grandpa for help he knows everything excuse me but who are you oh hello my
name is mallow I’m capital bond well any friend of
Mario’s welcome here in Mushroom Kingdom as I was saying Mario you are our only
hope please you must rescue the princess now
Mario I’m in your debt to lets over the grandpa’s place in tableau hah and he
can help wait why did I even come to mushroom game in the first place
guess we’ll find out soon enough could max the sword like master of crashing
Russian King don’t have anything to do with the star piece of Moya founder hero
moves onwards you’re a few words anyway so I will save that for the next part of
Super Mario RPG so next time on Super Mario RPG we are going to collect these
second star peace and the games than Prince Morris I know I’ll see you guys
next time layer folks bye