President Snow is the Protagonist of the New Hunger Games? Discussion [CC]

February 10, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

okay so today we’re going to be talking
about a bird of song and ballads.. whatever. And more specifically about
what everybody was talking about two weeks ago. So if you don’t know, this book
is the prequel book to the Hunger Games that was recently announced, and it is
going to take place before Katniss and all them were even born, and that’s all
we really knew up to this point. And then the news broke about what the book is
really going to be featuring and who it’s gonna be focusing on. And then the
internet predictably blew up for a day or two, and then moved on to other things.
So now that everybody’s done talking about it,
here I come, two weeks later to talk about it .I’ve actually been thinking
about this book so much over the last two weeks because i pre-ordered this
book thinking that it was gonna be about Haymitch or mags and their Hunger Games.
But the day after I finally put the pre-order in, it was announced that it
was about President Snow. So I’m going to start this video by reading off some
tweets and some things that people have been saying or were saying when the news
first broke, and then we’re gonna move on to some of my thoughts, and then we’re
gonna move on to a poll and discussion about your thoughts.
So let’s first read the original tweet – the original story.
What does Suzanne Collins herself / pop culture Twitter – what’s the article say
about it. President Snow is the protagonist in The Hunger Games prequel
book The Ballad of songbirds and snakes – that’s what it’s called! A teen born to
privilege, but searching for something more. A far cry from the man we know he
will become. Here he’s friendly, he’s charming, for now he’s a hero. Things
other people have said: Characters from The Hunger Games I’d rather read a
prequel about: President Snow, Haymitch, Finnick Sinha, Johanna, Beatty, Annie, Effie,
Katniss’s dad, Caesar Flickerman, president coin, tribute boy from district
6, Buttercup, a turkey Gail shot, yeah me too.
The Hunger Games prequel should end with the rebellion of district 13, the dark
days, and the announcement of the Hunger Games as
the reminder. Snow shouldn’t be a factor and neither should the secondary
characters of the Hunger Games. I actually really like that idea, that
would have been a really cool sequel. Hunger Games fans: hey, we want a prequel
about Haymich or Finnick. Suzanne Collins: okay okay I hear you, but how about a
Hunger Games version of the Joker instead. Really waited so long for the
new Hunger Games prequel, thinking hammock was going to be the center of it
all, but we’re gonna get a President Snow origin story. You mean to tell me I’ve
waited years and pre-ordered the Hunger Games sequel, thinking it was about mags,
for it to be a President Snow origin story about a rich white boy becoming an
authoritarian and Thorat adium tarry hum who loves checks notes genocide. I feel
like the stuttering just added to that, so I’m not gonna retake it. Okay those
are some of the negative reactions, let’s also read some people that are defending
the book. Are people really already judging this Hunger Games prequel? A’all
are mad for what we already had two books on The Hunger Games.
I’m glad we’re getting some new content that will expand on the universe, it’ll
be like getting a book into the villains head his origin story I’m intrigued. If
you’re whining about the new Hunger Games prequel being about President Snow,
you need to re-examine your life. That kind of stuff is interesting to me, do
you know what I’d give for a prequel about Voldemort? Quit judging till you
read the book. So now I just want a prequel about Voldemort, but here’s the
thing, and I’m interrupting my formatting and now, I’m gonna state a little bit of
an opinion. But we actually did get a little bit of his origin story in book
six, I just read it, when we go back into Dumbledore’s memory and we see him in
the orphanage and we see that even as a kid he’s using these magic abilities
that he doesn’t even understand, he’s using them to hurt people. Even back as a
kid, he was a twisted messed-up character, and that made him really interesting.
President snow, I feel really confident that’s not what we’re getting out of him,
because the little announcement we got said that he was charming he was likable
and he was the hero.Which granted, Tom Riddle was also charming, but that’s not
the impression I’m getting. I’m thinking we’re getting a, “he was good,
something dramatic happened, and now he’s bad” format, which I’m not a
fan of. But let’s move forward. I’m waiting until this Hunger Games prequel
comes out to pass judgment on the premise. Suzanne Collins was very
intentional with the Hunger Games, the criticisms and parallels in those books
are very pointed, and for now at least, I trust that she knows what she’s doing
with this one. People are losing their minds over this and I’m here wondering
if they remember what the Hunger Games is even about. Like do y’all seriously
believe that after a trilogy showcasing how bad capitalism, dictatorship, and war
is, Collins would write a villain sympathetic story? Get a grip. And now I’m
gonna mention the many many tweets that talked about how terrible this book
would be because we don’t need to have a book that’s going to make us sympathize
with a fascist dictator who forces genocide – forces genocide on this world,
somehow make him sympathetic, relatable, and make us like him. There were a lot of
tweets about that, and to that I’m just going to say that I think that that’s
definitely not what’s happening here. An origin story doesn’t mean we now love
the villain, it just adds the background to the villain. So i 100% think that
that’s not what we’re doing here, just because it says for now he’s the hero I
don’t think that that means that we’re supposed to believe that he’s actually a
hero, I think it just means we’re seeing where he’s coming from
and what made him descend into villainy, but we’re not supposed to suddenly like
him. Alright, I’m gonna end it on: To the Hunger Games fans who are angry that
President Snow will be the focus of the new book. Writers write about what
interests them what moves them, what compels them to put down words that’s
how you got the stories you love from them to begin with. And I agree with that,
writers are allowed to write whatever they want. But you know, we’re also
allowed to have opinions on that. And here are my opinions. So I’ve already
mentioned it but when the fir – when the Hunger Games prequel first was announced,
my initial reaction was Haymitch or maggs or both, we’re going to get some of the
original Hunger Games. Now some people have pointed out that that’s a
ridiculous idea, why did anybody think that? Because if we had the original
Hunger Games or some of the early Hunger Games it would just end on a really sad
note. The Hunger Games continues, the world is still in despair,
people are still dying. Which is a fair, point but since we already have the
ending, I don’t feel like we need the prequel to end on a super hopeful note.
And really this the story’s already complete we have no need for a prequel,
the story’s done. So if we’re going to add to the story I really just want
layers on the characters I already love as opposed to trying to add to the story
in some other way. But that’s a preference thing, I know a lot of people
wouldn’t agree with that. So when the book was initially announced I was so
confident that it was gonna be Haymitch or mags that I actually told my friend
that that was what it was going to be about – or that we were all speculating
that that was what it was going to be about. And I’m pretty sure she pre-ordered
it too, and when the president snow thing was first announced that he’s our
protagonist, my initial reaction was to be really frustrated. And the
reason is because I’ve read several villain origin stories and they’re
almost never good. Almost every villain origin story I’ve read has been, “this
person was nice and sweet and good and great, and then something happened,
someone manipulated them, someone didn’t listen to them when they were trying to
say what they wanted with their life, someone jilted them, and then because of
that one event, boom. They’re evil now. They’re killing everybody around, they
have no compassion, they’re the big bad. And that sort of completely unlayered,
totally bland, uninteresting villain origin story is such a letdown to me. If
you’re gonna create a really complex layered detailed interesting slow
descent, or something like Tom Riddle where they start off already really
twisted but they have a face that they can present to people to convince people
to join them or convince people that they’re actually good, that’s an
interesting villain story. But a “I’m nice until the end and then I snap and then
I’m bad” it’s not interesting. And I’m not saying Suzanne Collins is gonna do that
by any means, I don’t necessarily think Suzanne Collins is doomed to repeat the
bad origin stories I’ve read, it’s just when I hear origin story I don’t have
high hopes because it seems to be a tough one to execute because I haven’t
seen it executed well very many times at all. But eventually I finally warmed up
to the idea, I thought about it more as, okay, it potentially could be done
well. President snow could maybe be interesting, like he’s always been bad
but a really good manipulator, or we could potentially have enough nuance to
it, that is an interesting layered story instead of what I’ve read so many times
before. And then I thought, wait a second, isn’t President Snow the one that
created the The Hunger Games? Is this going to be a story about how the Hunger
Games was created? That would be interesting. And then we got an excerpt
for a prequel. The excerpt dropped it’s just a short little sort of half scene
that takes place at the beginning of song of ballads and snakes whatever it’s
called. And my friends. And my friends, it follows snow when he’s a mentor for a
girl in district 12. He is in the position of Haymitch. He’s not the
creator of The Hunger Games ,he’s not participating in The Hunger Games, he’s
gonna be a mentor and he’s gonna try to keep a girl alive. So here’s my thought,
I’m afraid that this prequel is going to be snow, a good guy, a hero,
charming. Someone everybody loves. And he’s going to work hard to try to keep
this girl alive. She’s gonna die, and he’s gonna snap and turn evil and then
suddenly run The Hunger Games. I hope I’m wrong. I have so little information to
base this assumption off of so I’m not judging the book at this point, I’m not
condemning the book at this point, I’m just talking about what I’m thinking. And
what I’m thinking is, I really hope I’m wrong about what this book is gonna do.
Suzanne Collins could wow me, and man I hope she does. I’ve pre-ordered the book,
I’m not going to change that. I plan on reading it as soon as it’s released,
regardless of all the fear I have of how this book is going to turn out. I will be
reading it right away and doing a very extensive review on it. I I am so scared
of how this book is gonna turn out but I’m gonna read it and I just really
really hope – I really hope it’s not gonna be that. I hope it’ll be more complex and
less predictable and boring and one noted – one note – it’ll be less
One Note. Now we’re to the portion of the video where you’re going to talk.
There are so many conflicting opinions out there, there are a lot of people that
are really excited about a villain origin story, and think it’s gonna be
really interesting. And there are a lot of people that are absolutely furious
because they think that this is going to be a book that makes us sympathize with
snow, and then there’s everybody in between. And I’m just really curious what
people are thinking. So here’s the poll, it’s gonna be right here in the corner.
There’s gonna be a little eye that’s gonna pop up in a circle, click that I
let it drop down, if you’re on a phone then tap your screen as if you’re about
to pause this video and then the eye will show up, let it fall down and
there’s a poll. Are you excited about this book? Do you have a lot of hope? Are
you terrified? Do you just really not care and why are you even watching this
video, you don’t even like the Hunger Games? And then after you’re done voting
in the poll, jump down to the comments and please talk to me more about this. Do
you have hope for this book? Are you totally turned off? What do you – what are
your predictions? Do you think that it’s going to be something totally different
from anything I’ve even discussed here? Let’s talk. I’m really excited to have
this discussion even though it’s two weeks too late. Let’s hang out and talk
about it. I post videos every Sunday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, see
you guys soon. Bye