PRETENTIOUS INGREDIENTS Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it on S2 E5

January 28, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

(inspirational music) – I dunno what to do! (egg cracks) – That’s annoying! – It looks terrible. We’re hiding these. – Ow! – What is going on here? – This is a joke! – Where’s the dish? – This should be really obvious! – [Janice] Oh dear, oh dear. – Hola! I’m Jamie, this is Mike,
welcome to FridgeCam. – Now we do a series of videos called Pretentious Ingredients, and we also do a series of
videos called Pass It On, and you idiots wanted
us to combine the two! It’s almost like James plans his holiday around these videos. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Sure. – Janice, what’s our theme? – [Janice] Today’s theme
is pretentious ingredients. On the table is a selection
of pretentious ingredients from our past review videos. You must use as many as
possible, and remember, the aim is to create a
delicious, passing dish. – (laughs) That’s so sassy! – She is so sassy! – She is making a point! We need to pass this,
we’ve got to pass this! – I’m actually quite confident, ’cause that looks just like
my store cupboard at home. – Brilliant. Remember that, remember those last words. – And is there an order? – [Janice] Again, as you are a man down, double trouble will occur. Ben will go first and last. – Ooh, not sure if that’s
any better. (laughs) – I’m happy with that. – I don’t know if that helps,
I really don’t, because– – I appreciated Jamie’s confidence before, and we still had a go at him. And now I’m in the
position of double trouble, there’s a lot on my shoulders! – One, two, three, go! – Aah! – So you’re going last. One, two, three, go! – I don’t wanna– – That means you’re gonna
be the one that goes first. – Fine, fine. – I dunno if that’s good or bad! – [Jamie] We can do this! – Yeah, we can, we can, we
can, we will, we will, we will! – [Janice] One at a time,
the boys have 10 minutes to cook and add to a final dish. The remaining team will have no idea what’s happening behind
them until it is their turn. (horn blasts) – Okay, I’m gonna start really quickly. I wanna get a base on,
and get it sweating down so that the boys can add to it. I think they’re gonna hate me. But I think right now,
in the Pass It On series, we need to do something simple that we can actually just nail. I’m gonna make a risotto. But, but, but, but, I’m gonna do it with a whole bunch of
pretentious ingredients and a really interesting fusion of flavor. So less Italian, the
method will be Italian, but the flavours, will be tea
with turmeric and ginger, and oriental flavors that
would just work with a stock, and then maybe, if they get the hint, some quick cooked prawns
that we can marinate, and cook on our pink salt. Knob of butter. So what you want for a good risotto is a nice, flavourful stock, and I think actually
using tea will be lovely. So a little bit of tea. I’m gonna make this stock pretty quick, ’cause I’m also gonna
put some ginger in it, probably a bit more than you’d need if you were gonna simmer it for a while, but it should get some flavor
in there nice and quick. And, I’ll tell you what I
did see, the mature Marmite, ’cause that is just pure umami, and it needs a tiny, tiny bit. Couple of cloves of garlic. (intense music) Right, will they get the
hint that that, with a ladle, is going to be the stock for here? Yes, risotto, but not just
a sloppy bowl of risotto. We’re gonna have some beautifully
seared-off prawns on top, and there’s loads of lovely veg that could be incorporated as well. With prawns, I anticipate
to be the flavour, with the turmeric and the
cinnamon kind of going on there, a little bit of chlili maybe. That needs to preheat in an oven, so I’m just going to get it
in there, get it going hot, and hopefully they’ll
cook the prawns on it. Risotto rice going in. What it hasn’t got is any seasoning, and what I really hope
they don’t add in here, is any cheese. Every risotto needs cheese, but I don’t think with the tea and the ginger and the
turmeric, cheese would work. Instead the richness and the creaminess comes from the starch in the rice. And here’s a cardinal sin, but Janice said use as many as you dare. I would normally deglaze
this pan with wine, but I don’t think that’s a bad option. That smells amazing! Gonna turn that down
to give them a chance. And with six seconds to go, it’s a solid start that I think will work, so it should be pretty high, (horn blasts) but I think they’ll hate me for it, so I’ll take a couple off, seven. (comic music) (horn blasts) – Okey dokey, this is
a very Ebbers kitchen. Look how he’s making risotto! Ginger and chai, ginger
and chai stock, in Marmite? What’s the Marmite there
for? That’s a bold move! What I’ve gotta do is keep
adding a bit of stock at a time, and keep stirring, really. I’m being boxed, I don’t like it. It’s a real moral dilemma. ‘Cause standing here stirring this does not make an entertaining video. Why are you using that ginger when you’ve got some pretentious ginger to use here instead? So I think, what I’m gonna do, to get another pretentious
ingredient in there, we’re gonna use our
bourbon vanilla extract in with our prawns. Vanilla and prawns work really well. I want this to work, so I’m not gonna try
and derail it too much. I’ll keep cooking this risotto. Is there anything in the oven? There’s a salt block in the oven. What do you do with a salt block? I’m just gonna make some prawns. But the prawns are gonna be overcooked. They’re gonna be rubbery by the time we get to
the end at the table. Prawns can wait, am I just gonna stand here
and just stir risotto? You, you (beep) Ebbers! Look what you’ve made me do! I’m trying to think outside the box, but all I can do is stand
here and keep stirring this! He’s put handcuffs on me! Kinky (beep)! (groans) No, gotta do something
else, I can’t just do that! This’ll work. What I’m gonna do, basically,
chop this up nice and small, hot pan, oil, aubergines going in. I’m gonna remove that
’cause, I love Marmite, but the wrong amount of
it could damage something, so I’m gonna hide this ’cause
this is dangerous stuff. Rose gold prosecco shimmer,
oh boy, that sounds fun. No, Barry, stop it. I think a little touch of
that, on the end of the dish, will go a long way. This is a seasoning for the end. It’s basically salt with
little delicate flowers in it that we can sprinkle on
the end of this risotto to make it look amazing. 40 seconds, keep stirring this. I’ve added something, I’ve
put some aubergines in a pan. I give myself a three, if we pass, I’m gonna
upgrade that to a six, because I didn’t derail it. – No, no! – [Barry] Yep.
– No! – [Barry] Good luck, mate, good luck! – Don’t say that! (plodding music) (horn blasts) Right. Oh no, there’s a risotto. Of course there’s a (beep) risotto! What else is going on? Is this a stock for the risotto? I just need to see what flavour this is. (laughing) Oh no! That tastes like a cup
of tea with rice in it! There’s a block of salt in the oven! Do you cook salt? No, you don’t cook salt, but you cook things on the
salt when the salt’s hot, I can do that! This is such a dreaders risotto. Ugh! This has to be him, right? What has he done? Has he just (beep) this up, and then in turn made me (beep) this up? Right, let’s keep stirring this. We’ve failed, haven’t we? Can I start that again? No. Can I add anything, there’s
no point me adding anything, it’s just gonna make things worse. – [Janice] And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Jamie contributes. By drinking gold leaf
gin out of a stiletto. – Just a little bit of umami to bring out the savoury
flavours of the tea. (sighs) There’s nothing in there. I’m just gonna make a
cup of coffee with this. (screams) There’s no point me adding anything else, because it’s just going
to go down the pan. (horn blasts) Done. One, I didn’t burn anything. – Okay, okay, okay, we can
do this, we can do this, we can do this, we can do this. Prawns. Risotto that looks like it’s
been cooking since Ben’s turn. A block of salt. These look pretty good. These smell very good. What is this? It’s a ginger broth with those
bloody tea things in them! It doesn’t taste terrible, but I’m not sure if it tastes good. Well, this is not cooked properly yet, so I’m just gonna have
to keep on doing this, and we need more of that
’cause there’s no liquid left. Good, right. Positive vibes have obviously descended into pure panic again. I don’t know what really
I’m going to add to this. I’ve got some chilli flakes, and I’ve got some Chinese five spice. And I’m just gonna create like
an oily marinade for those, so that when they go on the salt block, they taste of something. Don’t know whether that’s
what he’s thinking, don’t even know whether
this is a good idea, but might as well soak them in something. I’m not gonna lie, don’t think the risotto
tastes amazing as it is, but he might taste that and just go, “Oh, it just needs some
Parmesan or something,” and then it’ll taste great. So I’m not even gonna faff about with it. We need some more broth,
need some more broth, need some more broth,
need some more broth. What else can we do, what else can I do? How long have I got, three minutes? I’ve done nothing, I’ve done nothing! What is that, has that already
been used, vanilla extract? Has this already been used? He’s gonna go mental
because it’s such a mess! (cutlery clinking) Quite worried! Now, think about it,
flavours, flavours, flavours! We need some sharpness, so he might put some lemon
through this, I’m not sure. It’s starting to get creamy. I feel like it needs something pickled, like if we had some pickled
ginger, that’d be amazing. We don’t. ♪ Ah, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba ba ba ba ♪ (puffs) Too late, it’s too late. (horn blasts) We said at the beginning, “less is more”. And we have really taken that to heart. I’m gonna have to score myself a two, because I’ve done nothing. We’re really gonna have to
rely on Ben to save this one. (horn blasts) – Okey dokey, so a while
ago we started a risotto. That looks pretty good. Prawns, something’s happened with them, that’s quite exciting. I’m guessing the salt
is still in the oven. Some aubergine, that does appear to be it. Right, what it does
need is some seasoning. I spent maybe 40 minutes thinking, “Have I really messed this up?” And then I thought, no, it’s just a nice marriage
between two delicious things. Congee and risotto. This is still gonna work just fine. Some logic to bring it together. I know, I know, I know, I know. That will go in last minute. Along the Chinese theme, lettuce is used as an amazing ingredient in a lot of Chinese dishes. But it hasn’t got the freshness it needs, we’ll give it some lemon. The saltiness, I’ve just seasoned it, so it’s getting better, but it also needs a
little bit of sweetness. Honey, ginger, and soy,
these are all good flavors. Prawns, I think, will need
about three or four minutes, so I don’t wanna get ahead on those. Carnage, carnage, carnage. Six minutes to finish this off. I’m gonna put the prawns
onto this little stone and see what happens. I’m gonna quickly steam some lettuce. (fast-paced music) And then we’ll season that with soy. Risotto time, lemon, quite subtle, like every bowl of congee I’ve ever had, but the other good thing about every bowl of congee I’ve ever had, is it’s been topped off
with fresh ingredients. Risotto, some of those aubergine, a few of those prawns, and that fresh ginger, wilted soy cabbage, a drizzle of sesame, which would typically
be olive oil at the end on an Italian risotto, but
I think this’ll be perfect. And it’s got so much umami and saltiness from the ingredients we’ve used that it doesn’t need a
shaving of Parmesan on top, although that would also work. With 18 seconds left, I’m
gonna turn everything off. I think that’s what I had in mind. (horn blasts) But I think I’m gonna be hated for it. And I’m gonna give myself 8.5. Okey dokey. – I dunno if I can look at this. – Come on, we started positively. – I know! – Yeah, but then we cooked. – And then I remember how I left it! – Three, two, one! (triumphant music) – Yes, it’s a dish! – [Mike] It looks like a good dish. – Is that cheese? Oh no, it’s ginger. (laughs) I thought it was
cheddar cheese on top, I was like, what? – [Ben] So I don’t feel like it got an overwhelming reaction– – But are you happy with it? – Yeah, I think it’s bloody brilliant. – Okay, okay!
– Okay, good, that’s great! That’s what we want!
– Okay! – Good, good! – Consotto, congee risotto. So it’s like the flavours
of China, but in a risotto, using, I think, four
pretentious ingredients. So I wanted to make something that would take the full
length of time to do, that needed us all to do as teamwork, and that we could all add elements to. – And that we couldn’t leave long enough to mess the whole recipe up. – [Barry] Yup, yup.
– Well done. – Ebbers is so happy.
– I know. – That’s because he made a whole dish where the only thing that needed doing was stir it for 40 minutes. – This is his dream scenario, is have complete control
over all of us and go, “No, no, no, I haven’t
got complete control! “You add your little touch.” – “You do a stir!”
– “Little bit of you, go on!” – “Do you wanna do a stir?”
– “Go on, go on!” – “You’re doing it wrong!” – “I’ve got the keys to your handcuffs!” (laughing) – Right, dig in and see, ’cause if it still doesn’t taste any good, it’s still rubbish anyway. – [Mike] Here goes, I’m nervous. – [Boys] Cheers. – Mmm! – Yeah, yeah, okay, that does work. Get a bit of ginger with that,
and that makes it bangin’. – Congee flavors, but with a
texture of an Italian risotto. – I’ll tell you what– – It’s well earthy, isn’t it? – Well earthy. – It’s very earthy, but with the amount of
sesame oil on there, it takes away all the tea flavour and it’s actually really nice. (laughs) – Did you put any of that umami? – I put umami in it! – You put umami in it? – I put umami in it. – All the flavour is ’cause of you, mate! – Wow, it’s really good. Those prawns are bangin’. Do you know what, it is the weirdest-tasting
risotto I’ve ever had, but the flavours– – It’s the weirdest texture
congee I’ve ever had as well. (laughs) But together– – As flavours and textures go,
it’s very, very delicious. – I like the honey, there’s
a sweet touch to it. – Okay, right, let’s cut to the chase. – We really needed this, and I feel like I’m giving
Ben the win, here, but– – Teamwork. – As a team, (laughs) we passed. – For me, the dish is a
pass, the process is a fail. We were taken down a very narrow path, which left no room for creativity, which is where we would usually go wrong. – I’m going to say pass, and that’s not just because
I’m desperate for one. I genuinely think that tasted really good, and I don’t care that I only stirred it. I’m happy, I’ll take it. We needed this. – Also pass, and I think possibly, the first time we’ve ever had a 100% pass. – Full house. – Full house. – But I’m not happy about it. – I’m not happy about it! I gave myself a three, but I
said that if this dish passes, I’m gonna upgrade myself to a six. It’s because I did so little, it passed. Therefore, I gave myself a six. – That’s a really good point, you’ve made. – I see the good logic
there, yeah, I agree. – I gave myself a one, because I feel like I didn’t contribute. – But in fact– – By not contributing– – Give yourself a 10, mate! – I got nine! – I think I gave myself three, and again, scored myself low because I
didn’t feel I did anything. However, we passed as a result. (laughs) – Ben, let me guess, a 10 because you’re the master puppeteer. (laughs) – 8.5.
– [Barry] Oh, okay! – 8.5! He knew what was gonna happen
right at the beginning. – “But you didn’t even stir!” – I said in the last one,
it’s all about chess. Play four moves ahead. – Yeah, stir, stir, stir, serve! (laughing) – Checkmate! We’re gonna take that! – Yeah, because we will never
pass otherwise, so yeah. Let’s have that one. – And as usual, we would like
you to rate our performances. Put us in best to last in
the comments down below, and then we’ll read them and weep. – I will weep. And if you wanna see us react to the video for
the very first time, it’s on the YouTube channel
right now, you can watch it, click the link downstairs. – Dad joke of the week? – I could do a dad joke of the week, if you want me to do a
dad joke of the week? – I think you should. – Oh, okay.
– I would like to hear one. – You don’t need to do one yet? – No, it’s Sunday, no, I do not. – Fine! (laughs) – No. Nope. – What kind of doctor is Dr Pepper? – I don’t know. – He’s a fizz-ician. – Oh.
– Yeah? – Oh.
– No? – [Mike] It’s, no. – [Jamie] Come on, it’s a pass, isn’t it? (Mike laughs) – [Mike] As we’ve mentioned, we don’t just make
top-quality YouTube videos. – [Jamie] LOL! – [Mike] We’ve built the SORTED club, where we use the best things we’ve learnt to create stuff that’s
hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested, thank you for watching, and
we’ll see you in a few days. (test card beeps) He’s such a little boffin, isn’t he? (laughs)