February 2, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL HAYOP NA DOKTOR TEAM SADEY Watch, Like & Subscribe don’t forget to click the notification button Thank you Life is not a race , we must enjoy every moment Good Chess to everybody I am doc bernie we will be going to my hometown Santiago City we will be spending our New Year there we will visit the Santago City Chess Club Isabela, Cagayan Valley at this is moment, IM Bersamina is playing against IM elect Labog in a blitz match IM labog JUGGERNAUT OF THE NORTH “IDOL” I hope you will win against IM Bersamina you are also my idol but I am rooting for IM LABOG the fighter from the north CAVRAA juggernaut go for the win ! we are now here in Carangglan, its the gateway of the north its the road going to Vizcaya, where IM LABOG lives in JUGGERNAUT OF THE NORTH ! MOBILE CHESS CLUB PHIL. gave the nickname “JUGGERNAUT OF THE NORTH” from Solano, Nueva Vizcaya I am a fan of the Labog Brothers They are strong chess players hopefully we would visit SANTIAGO CITY CHESS CLUB when are in my home town those are the mountains of Carangglan we are following that bus, this is the normal view in this place Mountainous we will be having our late lunch if you will going to the north, you could also stop in this famous Restaurant of Carangglan named FRAGATA we will eat now we are now in SAntiago city Chinese Temple when I am still young, I always pass by here and during chinese new year, Lion dance is always performed in here I always watch it from the chinese temple , walk going up from the supermarket when I am still young I always passed by here going to school this is full of beer house before The SANTIAGO CITY CHESS Place is manage by sir Bayaua and their President is Sir Ric Ambatali if you could see people huddling and watching, for sure that is the chess club My kids are already here playing Rinoa my eldest is playing with National Master Cabe NM Cabe is a famous master from Nueva Vizcaya Game 1 is won by NM Cabe NM Cabe showed his strength as we can see, this are common scene of a chess club many people watching betting that is part of a chess club I am thanking National Master Cabe for playing with my kids and my fellow kababayan here in Santiago city are accommodating Game 1 is quite serious 1-0 for NM Cabe this is game 2, slam bang game NM Cabe got blundered checkmate ! score is 1-1 rino got lucky in their third game both of them were in panic time NM Cabe won thank you very much NM Cabe My younger daughter chessica also tries her luck against NM Cabe but NM Cabe showed his strength Thank you very much SANTIAGO CITY CHESS CLUB ! Eventhough IM elect Eric Labog loss the chess community is very proud of you Im Bersamina had much more experienced.