[Splatoon Gmod] I.S.V.  Unknown power. [スプラトゥーン。アニメーション。]

[Splatoon Gmod] I.S.V. Unknown power. [スプラトゥーン。アニメーション。]

February 13, 2020 12 By Sebastian Fry

I won’t you want to listen to the story
may it be so this story takes place in the universe GM there are many galaxies
in this universe and there are planets in them etc in those times there was a
higher being which watched the worlds and created new ones and all would be
well but the creature had a brother the same powerful they always fought for the
universe and once they fell in their bodies turned into pure energy under the
name will will effects each person differently she can give a person power
and can ruin it this was scattered throughout the universe and inhabited
the creatures of its inhabitants so the seed of conflict was infected of course
there were people who were able to awaken the will and gain strength among
them were those who discovered the full dance of will they took the
responsibility to keep an eye on the universe but they do not have enough
strength to be everywhere and immediately but our story will be about
those people who committed a great sin for the sake of science they learned how
to extract wool from living things this is I S U Institute for the study of the
universe the Institute studies the universe and it’s worlds he studied them
all specifically I S V Institute for the study of viruses it turns out the will
these are small organisms endowed with certain abilities they took the will of
100 people and placed it in a flask which was visited on a ship played it
needless to say higher powers learn about this and they considered it a
threat since this can cause a series unforeseen consequences
on this with the help of his own strength they made an incident after
which all the viruses on the ship spread through space and the security system
stopped the ship dissatisfied with this situation sent a group to save the
experiment but unsuccessfully for this reason they decided to assemble a group
of people who have a will that they would get an experiment well what will
happen next we will now find out director a message came from the ships
plague the group died fuckin we need a new team of professional fighters and
there must be a will I have an example for characters I am sure that we can
agree and so this is our plan! Have questions? so. All. ready! I am the best player in the world! it’s a lie! you cannot defeat my ingenious mind! shut up and don’t bother me think think. you don’t have a brain checkmate omae wa mou shindeiru what very well I know that you are a mercenary. let’s get along without problems. Well, as you wish Let’s start nice shot comrade snipe and a good job
mate then he too! Who is there medicine it’s not that you shouldn’t even gone out of bed god oh that’s not good thanks for the help what are you doing here I’m looking for a universal antidote number number 345 green 78 hmm …… should be there thanks for the help mate freak come to me freak I agree you are strong but unlike you i am smarter one is ready now let’s take care of you this is your job and you did not cope with it here it is antidote antidote for all viruses understandably you are fast but not faster than me the bump is to get down