Storage Wars: Top 5 Most Expensive Locker Finds From Season 4 | A&E

January 28, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

– This is blowing my mind! This is a cookie jar? We’re eating steaks, son! [BANG] [BUZZ] I’m excited to see
what’s in this unit– what’s in all the boxes. Windows Vista. So like, $300. It’s tetherball. That’s not tetherball. That is tetherball. It’s badminton. – Oh, you’re right.
– Tetherball is the one– You’re right, it’s badminton. –that you hit with the
ball against the pole. OK. Show me something weird. Uh-oh. Yeah, like a key. They’re all wrapped
really nicely. Oh. It’s Wizard of Oz. It’s a Wizard of Oz set. Oh, it’s a chess set. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. Oh, that’s sweet. I like that. Oh, it’s by Starz. It’s licensed by Wizard of Oz. Look, it’s limited edition–
number 251 out of 300. I want to go check
out the chess set. We have to see Kurt, the
wonderful collector of Oz. Yes. It’s got great
color, doesn’t it? Absolutely, absolutely. You know, the Wizard of
Oz colors everything. It just– it looks fantastic
for being over 18 years old. Star Jars is a company, put
out a series of cookie jars that were head and
shoulders of 11– So wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. This is a cookie jar? It is. I thought it was a chess set. Look, my friend. Careful with my figures. Lift it up. That’s where the cookies go. Ah, so you can
play a game of chess, and winner gets the cookies. Absolute– but
there’s something else that you guys didn’t know. What’s that? These are salt
and pepper shakers. Wow. That’s great. It’s a three way
cross collectible. Yes. What can I sell it for? I’ve seen it actually
go up for auction and sell for up to $3,700. [CASH REGISTER RINGS] – Really?
– Really. Whoa. You did well, my friend. Congratulations. I’m happy! See what you got. Brandi said she got the
best unit of the day. Yeah, I’ll be the judge of that. How much you spend on this unit? $1,900. Oh, these are nice. What’s this? This is a Jim Beam bottle. – Oh, that’s–
– Yeah, these are– That’s friggin’ cool. These are badass. You know that antique
shop we were at yesterday? Yeah. They had these same
bottles in there. They’re selling for $49.99. There you go. I hate losing money. But I love it when
Brandi’s wrong. This was the best one– All I’m saying is sometimes
maybe you need me there. Just say maybe– Maybe, maybe not. Maybe we make better
decisions when we’re both there. Here we go. – This looks like a–
– It says, pull the trigger. –samurai. This is the only thing maybe
worth something in here. Might be the only thing
that saves your ass. Can you stop
trying to break it? This helmet better
be worth something. Because this relationship
only works when I’m right. Let’s get out of here. The last time we went to this
appraiser, we scored big. Please, please let
that happen again. A Japanese kabuto. It was part of a suit. And it’s in pretty
good shape, really. So how old do you think that
this one in particular is? I would say it’s from the
end of the 19th century. And it’s quite a
desirable thing. That’s good for us. How desirable? I’d retail it probably at
$7,500, something like that. Wow. That’s awesome. This is the most I’ve
ever spent on a locker. I’m about to enter
holy grail territory. Autograph, Magic Johnson. No way! Yeah! Stacks of them! And he signed them all. $600. [CASH REGISTER RINGS] Every one of these
envelopes right here are full of collectible tickets. At $1 apiece– there’s 2,500
tickets in here, you guys. That’s $2,500 right there. Junior Seau, 55. $200 for sure on
just the jersey. All signed baseballs. Framed. Already framed. Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens. See this– who’s that? Larry Bird basketball, baby. This is blowing my mind. Just that section alone’s
got to be 14 grand. Woo! I’ll guarantee you there’s at
least 15 grand in movie posters alone. Look at this. Roosevelt wins election. It says, World
War II art boards. This box here, we’re going to
have to get all this looked at. It’s amazing. Two-sided. I, in all my years of doing
that– it’s the first one I’ve ever seen. I’m going to get these World
War II items checked out. This is what we’ve
got to get appraised. Well, here we go. Something I’ve
never seen before. Well, they’re
records distributed by the War Department. Can we average them
out at $30 apiece? Yeah. OK. So that’s 136. That’s about $4,000 some
odd right there in platters. This is going to push
you over the top here. Yeah? Yeah. You know– I don’t know,
maybe a grand or something to the right guy. – For this?
– Yeah. That’s a good day. You buy and sell. Holy cow. This locker’s in
my top fab five. High five, Brando. I’m already seeing
money right off the bat. This table would be great if
it didn’t have nail polish– It still is great. You can’t buy these
at just anywhere, man. – You can’t buy those anywhere.
– Uh-huh. You can buy them at
a shop at Orange. Couple of weeks, easy $300. Something just
happened right now. I don’t even know if
I can show you this. It’s one of those things– Oh my god. –that a man– Keep working, dude. –hopes will happen in his
lifetime, but never does. OK. Look at this. Look at this. Huh? Oh my god. It’s a urinal mouth. I’ll probably have to– Oh my god. Stop. That is disgusting. I can’t wait to
get a urinologist to take a look at my mouth. All right. Let’s get our urinal
and get out of here. Can I set this down? You can. Right here. I’m afraid to look. I heard what you were bringing. We’re taking our mouth
to Nick Metropolis. Because his name sounds
like urinologist. It looks like it’s in
absolutely excellent condition. Oh, yeah. Even the drain pipe. Everything’s here. Are you planning to
keep it or to sell it? It’s really just a
matter of what’s it worth. There is no way we’re
keeping this thing. How much is this worth? I think, Brandi, if
you did it right now and wanted to sell it
tomorrow, $2,500 like that. However, if you held out,
you could put $5,000 on it and wait for the
right person to come. Are you kidding me? – You can’t be in a hurry.
– I’m fascinated that anyone– That is crazy. –would pay that
much for that. Yes, somebody with a
lot of money that says, I have to have a lip urinal. – I appreciate it.
– Yeah. Somebody’s going
to– what a pleasure. – It’s all profit, yeah.
– See you again. Thanks. All the best. I think this is it, Yosh. My pal, Yoshi, has
a motorcycle shop. So I enlisted his expert eye
to scope this locker out. All right. What do you think, like,
this complete motor’s worth over there? I don’t know. If it’s running,
maybe some money. But I don’t know. Some money. Some money. How many engines do you
think are in here, complete? Maybe 40? 40 complete engines. Complete engines. And then– Probably another 20 engines– At least 20, you know– Apart. Apart. Well, what’s the
good crap worth? Want to go through them more. You know, it’s– Boy, I got to
drag it out of you. That’s the– We found ourselves
a Harley motor. Yeah. Oh, you good eye. Yeah. How much money? I don’t think that much. You know what? Are you sandbagging me? You want to make me
an offer on all this? I try, but– All right, Yoshi. Let’s get out of here. OK. And let’s find out how
much money we’ve got. OK. We’ll see. All right, Yosh. How much would you give me– you take it all, I walk away
with nothing except money– your money. I have idea– Tell me how much money! [LAUGHS] Well, $10,000. Yen or dollars? Dollars. All right, all
right, just checking. 10 grand. Yeah, 10 grand. You made my day. See the chalk lines? Right in the chalk lines. We spent $11,000 on four units. Yeah, that’s– what– $200? That’s $200. Really? I imagine you watching, like,
a Barbra Streisand movie when you’re sitting in that chair. It’s crazy that we
think so much alike. Whoa. Oh, snap. See. Carpet samples in this room. Oh my gosh. Let’s just call it $500. This sectional, I’m
going to say, like– – I’m calling it–
– –35. – $3,500.
– Yeah. Going along with some
more of the bedroom sets– $8,200. Miscellaneous stuff,
another $6,500. I knew there was a lot of
nice stuff in there, but wow. We spent 11 grand on these
units, but we’re making 15. We’re eating steaks, son! Well, you ready,
Kung Pao cowboy? This is armoire. Great, already you can
see it’s on sale for $888. A nice little cabinet. It’s probably worth
at least $250. It was on sale for $629. Look at this. A [INAUDIBLE] clock or
something, instrument. Rain watch. Humidities. It’s something to
do with the weather. This goes with that other thing. I think so, yeah. Look at this. What do you got? Oh, this is another– What is that? I think this one for the rain. Maybe that– maybe
when it rains? I think– oh, you’re right. I think when it rains– Wait a minute. This thing might be
to measure rainfall. Yeah. You know, this is
something I think we should go get checked out. We scored. Jonathan and I are
taking our weather gear to a local estacion de weather. We found this in a storage
unit in Montebello. OK. And tell us what
we actually have. OK. This one looks like it’s
a home weather station. I’d imagine this
is for measuring– The wind. Right. This one is the direction–
north, south, east. This one, the miles per hour. This one is for the rain. For measuring rainfall? This one is to
measure the rain. Yeah, the rainfall. So Estefana, what do you
think all that stuff’s worth? Well, it’s pretty
new, high tech. It’s pretty much in
amazing conditions. Today’s your lucky
day, [INAUDIBLE].. How much? It’s $1,000. All right.