Summer Camps Offered At Texas Tech

February 4, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

>>Allison Hirth, Reporting: LEARNING DOESN’T HAVE TO END JUST BECAUSE SCHOOL DOES. TEXAS TECH OFFERS DOZENS OF SUMMER CAMPS. (THERE’S) SOMETHING FOR NEARLY EVERY AGE AND INTEREST. STARTING WITH IDEAL, OR THE INSTITUTE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND ENRICHMENT OF ADVANCED LEARNERS.>>Ariana Hernandez, Coordinator for the Office of K-12 & IDEAL: The overall goal for us is to kind of teach these students, especially under represented students, that higher education is accessible.>>Allison Hirth: THERE ARE TWO CAMPS THAT REVOLVE AROUND RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ONE THAT’S CENTERED ON COMPUTER CODING.>>Ariana Hernandez: The most popular I would say, right now, is probably the Minecrafter because it does touch on the video game design, coding, engineering, computer engineering.>>Allison Hirth: ACADEMICALLY TALENTED STUDENTS CAN “SHAKE HANDS” WITH THEIR FUTURES. IDEAL ALSO HAS A CAMP FOR GIRLS INTERESTED IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATH.>>Caroline Reeves, Planetarium Manager: Because we are in the Museum, we’re in a unique position that we try to incorporate things in our Museum into the camps.>>Allison Hirth: THAT’S WHY THE MUSEUM INCORPORATES BOTH SCIENCE AND HISTORY INTO ITS SUMMER CAMPS. THERE ARE MORE THAN A HANDFUL OF THEM AND EACH HAS A DIFFERENT THEME, INCLUDING THE ALWAYS POPULAR WIZARD CAMP.>>Caroline Reeves: Our main goal is of course for them to have fun, but also mainly for them to also come away learning something from their camps.>>Allison Hirth: THERE ARE FOUR UNIQUE CAMPS OFFERED BY THE COLLEGE OF HUMAN SCIENCES. STEAM CAMP IS FOR SCHOOL-AGED KIDS EXCITED ABOUT EXPLORING ART AND THE STEM FIELDS. THERE’S A WHOLE LOT OF GLUE, GLITTER AND GLAMOUR AT FASHION CAMP, AND AT CHEF CAMP, THE FOCUS IS ON FOOD.>>Chris Browning, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Personal Financial Planning: The Fashion Camp and Chef Camp are really cool. They offer applied, hands-on opportunities to kind of try your hand at fashion design or really increase your knowledge in the culinary arts.>>Allison Hirth: FROM FUTURE IRON CHEFS TO FUTURE FINANCIAL PLANNERS, THE FINANCIAL PLANNING ACADEMY IS PERFECT FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HOPING TO PURSUE A CAREER IN BUSINESS.>>Chris Browning: When we bring kids in for a camp experience, we’re really trying to give them skills that they can take and apply for the rest of their lives. Not only have a great time while they’re here at Texas Tech but walk away with something that’s going to be meaningful and fun for them from this point forward.>>Jamie Perez, Director of Student Services, Engineering Opportunities Center: So many times students come in and they know they want to do engineering, or they want to be an engineer, but they don’t realize how different the disciplines are.>>Allison Hirth: EACH SUMMER, THE EDWARD E. WHITACRE JR. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING OFFERS A WEEK-LONG SUMMER CAMP, NOT ONLY TO TEACH STUDENTS MORE ABOUT THE FIELD…>>Jamie Perez: We have instructors who will give a lecture on the particular topic and then they will finish that up with a hands-on activity.>>Allison Hirth: BUT TO GIVE THEM A TASTE OF LIFE ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS.>>Jamie Perez: We want them to understand what it’s like to spend a week as an engineering student.>>Allison Hirth: FOR DECADES, BAND AND ORCHESTRA CAMP HAS BROUGHT STUDENTS FROM ALL OVER THE STATE TO TEXAS TECH.>>Keith Dye, Interim Director, School of Music: It really is a well-rounded experience. They have rehearsals during the day in ensembles, which they audition for. They have master classes, they have sectionals and then they also have some elective classes– they can take some things that maybe they don’t get a chance… they’re interested in but they don’t get a chance to take in their school.>>Allison Hirth: THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC ALSO OFFERS ALL-STATE CHOIR CAMP, WHICH GIVES STUDENTS AN INTRODUCTION TO THE TEXAS ALL-STATE AUDITION MUSIC. AND THERE’S MARIACHI CAMP (TOO).>>Keith Dye: It’s very hands on. We have some expert clinicians coming in.>>Allison Hirth: STUDENTS ATTENDING ANY OF THE CAMPS CAN ALSO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PRIVATE LESSONS WITH FACULTY.>>Keith Dye: Maybe at their school, they’re one of a few people that maybe is really passionate about playing their instrument or singing and they come here and everybody here is that way.>>Allison Hirth: WITH ITS SUMMER PROGRAM, THE SCHOOL OF ART OFFERS STUDENTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP THEIR SKILLS IN THE ARTS.>>Jared Strange, Arts Coordinator for East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood grant: They take on projects in all sorts of media– painting, drawing, 3D art, photography.>>Allison Hirth: IT’S FIVE, FULL DAYS FOR HIGH SCHOOL-AGED STUDENTS. AND FOR YOUNGER KIDS WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS, THERE’S THE EAST SIDE ARTS CAMP.>>Jared Strange: That is for students from Alderson, Ervin, Harwell and Hodges Elementary Schools– all four served by the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood grant. We do a little bit of everything. They take a class in art, and then music, and theater and dance.>>Allison Hirth: CAMPERS ALSO GET THE CHANCE TO CREATE A MURAL.>>Jared Strange: A big part of it is addressing a need for them. A lot of them don’t have access to something like this during the summer for a variety of reasons.>>Allison Hirth: AT CHESS CAMP, YOU CAN EXPECT LECTURES, LESSONS, TOURNAMENTS AND MORE.>>Opal Gonzales, Unit Coordinator for Chess Program: But we don’t just focus on chess. We also, you know, take them outside and they get to socialize with kids their age.>>Allison Hirth: WHETHER IT’S THEIR FIRST TIME TO PLAY OR THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS, ALL ARE WELCOME BETWEEN THE AGES OF SEVEN AND 18. THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS A WILLINGNESS TO LEARN FROM THE WORLD’S BEST.>>Opal Gonzales: I hope that they really learn and experience what chess is about. It’s not only just a game but it also teaches you lifelong skills like strategy, thinking ahead, and I really hope that they take those things with them and apply them to their daily lives.>>Allison Hirth: LEARNING OVER THE SUMMER DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING. AT TEXAS TECH, IT’S FUN! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SUMMER CAMPS OFFERED AT TEXAS TECH, VISIT TODAY.TTU.EDU.