Swiss manager training – Start  Round Robin Tournament – Part 03

Swiss manager training – Start Round Robin Tournament – Part 03

January 29, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

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this Bell icon hello everyone
this is Swiss manager essential training part three
how to start individual round-robin and team round-robin tournament
a round-robin tournament or all play all tournament is a competition in which
each contestant meets all other contestants in turn
to start round-robin tournament go to file then select a new tournament
now the tournament selection dialog appears
here’s select individual round-robin or team
round-robin tournament and press okay now select where you want to save the
tournament and type the tournament name
then press save after this appears the tournament data dialog
this dialog boxes are same as Swiss system tournament with one different
here we don’t have to put number of rounds
now fill the tournament data if you want to see how the tournament
data are entered watch Swiss manage essential training part 1 the link is in
the description then we have to input tiebreaks we will
discuss it in the next videos