Tiffany Haddish Prank Calls a Video Game Store About Red Dead Redemption 2 – Crank Yankers

February 7, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

(phone rings on line) – Hello? (phone rings on line) (beep) – This is Jesse,
how can I help you? – Hi, Jesse. (sighs) Let me just
break it down to you. (game explosions, gunfire)
Y’all sold my man this “Red Dead Redemption” game, right?
(horse whinnies) And basically, I feel
like y’all cock-blocking. (playful synthesized music) – Okay, what’s up? – All he do is play this game! I’m over here tryin’ to
get some D, you feel me? – Yeah. – I’m tryin’ to
have some good sex, and y’all game got him so
consumed I can’t even get none. – (laughs) I’m sorry to
say it was a good game. – You think that the game
is better than my pussy? – I don’t know. – You wanna find out? – No, I’m good. (dismissive shh) – I’m telling you,
I’m makin’ puddles right now, it’s ridiculous. (boing) So I need to know, do
y’all got a projector? – Not in store. (boing)
You’re probably gonna have to order that
through our website. – ‘Cause maybe he could hook
the game up to a projector and project it on
my back, and then, when he hittin’
it from the back, he could still play the game. I need the D! – The other option is, go
take the power cord hostage. – Oh, I should take
the power cord hostage. You think I should
put that inside of me? – That’s up to you. – Ooh, you kinky,
Jesse, I like you! I like the way you think. See, that’s, mm! What games make you come? Like, what games
make you be like, “I need to get some (smacks
hand) pussy right now!” – Another one to take a look
at would be “The Witcher 3.” (video game chirp)
– Oh, “The Witcher 3.” – Yeah. – Mm-kay, some witchcraft. Maybe I could summons his
penis up to rise for me. – I mean, with it,
you’re kinda playing this magically enhanced
monster hunter. – [Tiffany] Aw, shit! – Baby! Baby, who you talking to? – I’m on the phone
with Jesse from (beep). – Hello? (video game blast)
– Hi! – Why you talkin’ to my girl? (descending video game chirp)
– Well, she gave us a call and had some questions about
“Red Dead Redemption 2.” – Uh-huh, and
what’d you tell her? – She was a little
upset about the game. But with that, I was giving her a couple other options with it. – So you sayin’ you
hittin’ on my girl? – No.
– He was not hittin’ on me, but he could be! – I’m here, I’m here at my job. – Uh-huh.
– I’m just trying to be here and recommend games. – Hey, Jesse, real
quick, before you go, hey, you got any tips
on the game, man? Just, like, you got a cheat book I can come down there and
pick up or anything like that? – I wish I had a
cheat book for it– – Wow!
– Did you just say you was tryin’ to
cheat code on me? – No, I ain’t cheat codin’!
– You tryin’ to cheat on me? – No, I ain’t gonna cheat code! – Okay.
– Is that why I ain’t been gettin’ no dick, ’cause you cheatin’ on me? – No, I ain’t gonna
cheat code on nobody! – Oh my God, you was! I knew that you wasn’t givin’
up the dick for a reason! – All right, hey, Jesse– – You a cheater! – [Boyfriend] Baby, it’s just cheat codes.
– Okay, I’ll– – Cheat codes mean you
probably cheat in real life! Jesse, I’m coming
over to the store right now to suck your dick! – [Jesse] I’ll
talk with you guys later, enjoy your day.
– Hello? (hang-up click) Jesse? (crew members laugh)
Jesse? – [Director] Okay,
that’s a good one. (man laughs)
– That’s good. – [Man] Nicely
done, nicely done. Nicely done, nicely done. ♪ ‘Cause we’re back
to make you crazy ♪ ♪ You’ll probably find the
call is stupid and lazy ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we’re disturbing
others, maybe even your mother ♪ ♪ Won’t you join the
“Crank Yankers” today ♪ – [Child] “Crank Yankers”!