Valentine’s Day Games  |  Making Slime with Friends

Valentine’s Day Games | Making Slime with Friends

February 12, 2020 0 By Sebastian Fry

– Today the girls have a couple
friends over from school, and we are down in the basement in our Toy Cafe set, and we are going to be doing a whole bunch of
Valentine’s Day activities, Valentine’s Day games and we’re even going to make Valentine’s Day slime today. (upbeat music) – Who’s ready for our first activity, where they have a chance
to earn some candy? – Me! – Do you like candy Maya? – Yes. – Do you like candy Addy? – Yeah. – Presley and Chloe are here too, and I think they like candy too. You girls like candy Chloe? – Yeah. – Okay, so you girls
have a seat over here, and we’re going to do a fun activity that I found online that I think you’re gonna think is cute too. Are your hearts pounding
you’re so excited? – Yes. – No no no, it’s because I’m about to have a heart attack of candy. – Oh my goodness. I found a Valentine’s Day
candy dice game online, and the way it starts is
you each pick your four favorite pieces out of the dish, and they’re gonna put it on their plates. (acoustic guitar) – You girls are gonna take
turns rolling this dice. – [Presley] Hello. – And we’re gonna go around in a circle, but there’s certain things that happen every time you roll a certain number. (girls gasping) I know,
it’s big news isn’t it? Every time they roll a one, they get to pick one piece
of candy out of the dish. When they roll a two, they get to pick two pieces of candy. When they roll a three, they skip their turn. If they roll a four, they have to put one back, ohh. (girls all saying no)
You don’t want to do that. If they roll a five, they take one from someone else. And if they roll a six, they take two pieces of candy – Yeah.
– from someone else. So we’re gonna play this
for about ten minutes, and then we’ll turn our timer off and see how much candy everybody has. Oh Chloe, did you take our candy? – Maybe. – Maybe. (laughs) If you girls want your candy, you’re gonna have to
play the game to earn it. – I’m gonna play by the rules. – [Lucy] Are you ready to
play? Who’s ready to play? – [All] Me me! – Presley’s gonna roll the dice first, since she’s one of our guests. All right, you wanna go
ahead and roll girly? Oh, she got a three. – [Chloe] Skip turn! – [Lucy] Aw skip a
turn, I’m sorry Presley. – Wah, wah. – [Lucy] Wah wah wah. What did you– – I get to pick one! Yes! – You get to pick one, pick one! – Chloe rolled a one, which means she gets to
pick one piece of candy. What did you pick girl? – Oh, I picked another Twix. – [Lucy] Another Twix, good choice. Addy’s turn, roll the dice. A four. Put one back. (Addy yelling)
(Chloe laughing) And Maya. – Good luck good luck. Nooo! – What did you get Maya? – [Presley] She got four. – [Lucy] A four, yep.
(Maya groaning) – Presley just rolled a number which told her she had to take
a candy from someone else, and she took one from Addy,
and Addy was not happy but that’s part of the game. (girls yelling)
(upbeat music) – Take two! – So it’ll be interesting to see who ends up with the most candy by the end of the game. I’m
gonna give them little baggies at the end so they can
take home what they got. So do you think it’ll be Addy? Chloe? Maya? Or Presley? I don’t know. ♪ Is make you smile ♪ ♪ When darkness still ensues ♪ ♪ I wanna be alive ♪ ♪ Wherever we go ♪ ♪ I’ll make it worth your while ♪ – Oh, Chloe got take two from someone else and I think she took from Addy. How do you feel girl? – I feel offended. – [Lucy] Oh no. – But she got one, so now it’s my turn.
– I feel amazing. (Lucy laughs) – [Lucy] Let’s see what Addy gets. Five, take one from someone else. Oh, she’s taken it back from Presley. – One, pick one! – So far Chloe and
Presley are cleaning up, their plates are pretty full of candy, and Addy and Maya don’t have too many. Let’s see if things change though. (calm music) – No I didn’t get any. – And now the girls are
strategizing a little bit, Addy and Chloe are teaming
up to work together, and Maya and Presley are
teaming up to work together, so I guess that means they’re not gonna be stealing
from their buddy anymore. Sad Maya. Ohh, poor girl. Time is up, time is up, game is over. Turn my timer off, and let’s see how they did. Addy got nine, Maya how many did you get? – Five. – [Lucy] Five, what about you Presley? – I got four. – [Lucy] Four, and Chloe? – 13. – Chloe ended up with the most, I have treat baggies for the girls to take the candy home in, plus I’m gonna let them have a few extra. Presley got the least amount, Presley you get to pick out five more, and you get first to pick in. And since Maya got the second least she gets to pick the
next five for her bag. (relaxing music) So I think everybody’s happy now, everybody has big bags
of candy to take home and I have less that’ll sit in my pantry that I’ll eat tonight
when everybody’s asleep, so all are happy. (relaxing music) And now that our first activity is done, it’s time to move on to
Valentine’s day slime. (girls cheering) – Oh my gosh look at that. – Valentine’s Day slime is
just three simple ingredients. We’re going to use glue, contact
solution and baking soda, and then for extra fun I have a whole bunch
of Valentine’s mix ins, that we’re gonna add to the
slime some really cool texture. Girls we’re gonna start with
the Elmer’s Washable Color Glue and you girls are gonna
dump the entire bottle into your bowl. (chill music) And the next step is we need to add a half a table spoon of baking soda to each bowl. (chill music) The next step is about a fourth a table spoon
of contact solution, if you do this at home make sure you get a contact solution that has boric acid in it, because if it doesn’t have the boric acid it’s not gonna work with slime. Now girls are gonna stir it, and they’re gonna mix it really well and if it’s a little sticky still you can always add contact solution, so contact solution is always
what makes it less sticky. (chill music) Presley what did you add to yours? She has some cool mix ins in hers. Are those little heart gems? – Uh huh. – [Lucy] What are you adding Maya? – Little white balls, and the charmy things. – A heart in there and some wings in there. (chill music) I also found some slime containers, I call them slime containers I think they’re food containers, on Amazon for really cheap, so I bought enough for the girls to make a couple batches, plus some Valentine’s stickers they can decorate their slime containers for Valentine’s day. Chloe’s is extra sticky, think you can fix it Addy? – Why don’t you go wash your hands, ’cause maybe the slime on your hands is making it sticky. – [Lucy] You have googly eyes in yours? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Got yours Presley? Oh looks good! (chill music) We’re making our second batches of slime and now we have classic glitter glue. This is really sparkly, it’s gonna make some cool looking slime. (chill music) And I actually found
all these slime mix ins, it was a big giant batch
that came in the mail on Amazon for pretty cheap, so if you search slime mix ins, they’re so many fun options for things you can mix into your slime. I also have these little
glittery things kiddos. (chill music) Our slime has been made, they’re packed up in tupperware, and now we’re gonna play a few Minute to Win It activities. If you don’t know what that is, they’re just fun activities that you try to do or
accomplish in one minute, and you only have a minute to get it done. – One! – And these are all gonna
be Valentine’s Day themed. Are you guys ready to hear
what the first one’s gonna be? The first one does involve cookies, a whole tray of them, but we’re not gonna be scarfing them down, we’re going to be stacking them on your faces. – What? – Here’s how it’s gonna work. You’re gonna be in teams. – My team. – Maya and Presley are gonna be together, and Addy and Chloe are gonna be together. The goal is to take the cookies, and on your friend, stack 12 of them. – [Presley] You’re gonna stack them on me. – Within one minute. You gotta figure out
who’s doing the stacking and who’s going to be stacked on. – I’ll be stacked on. – [Lucy] All right, and
Chloe you’re stacking them. And then who’s, so Maya
you’re gonna stack on Presley? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Getting all stretched out. Are you girls ready? – [All Girls] Yes. – [Lucy] Gooo! Maya, I’m impressed, you gotta balance them just
right Maya, just right. Oh Addy and Chloe. – Five.
– They’re doing pretty good, they have five, six.
– Six. – Seven.
– Seven. Eight. Nine. – [Lucy] You have to let
go, you have to let go Maya. (Maya yells) – So neither of them were
able to pull off 12 cookies, but you can try at home and see if you can pull them off. We couldn’t do it here today. It’s time for our second Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It activity, you need a plate with
40 conversation hearts, an empty plate and some straws. – You’re trying to suck it. – You try to suction up a heart, and put it on the other plate. On your mark girls, – Get set!
– Get set, go! (chill music) – [Lucy] Are they gonna do it? – Maya, you can do it! – Go Presley! Go Presley! – Go Maya! Go Maya! – They only have 15 seconds left, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. – [All] Six! Five! Four!
Three! Two! One! Stop! – Oh, good try girls. Let’s see how many they got. – 19, 20. – [Chloe] Yes! I was correct!
– [Lucy] Presley got 20, Maya, how many did Maya get? – Oh she got– – 15.
– [Lucy] 15? – [Chloe] Yeah. – [Lucy] All right, good job
girls. For the next game, we have about 25 cups that I’m
gonna set up one the table, four of them have a heart underneath them. I’m gonna give each kid one minute to try to flip them over one at a time and find all four hearts. Not one heart, not two hearts, not three hearts, but all four hearts in one minute, only flipping one at a time. (chill music) All the cups are set up, Chloe is gonna be up first we’re only gonna give her a minute and see if she can find all four cups. Get set, go! – [All] Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! – [Lucy] She hasn’t found any yet. (synth music) – Got one! – [Lucy] Where’s that last one? Where’s the last one, time’s almost up, is she gonna get it? Oh there’s just a few left. Oh where is it where is it? (all the girls cheering) She got that with three seconds left so she barely made it. Addy do you wanna give it a try now? Cups are set again, and it’s Addy’s turn. Get set, go! One minute, go! Go Addy go! – Go Addy go Addy go Addy! – [Lucy] Got the blue heart. – [Chloe] Hurry hurry, oh
I wish I could help her. – [Lucy] Three three, oh you got all four. She got all four, you did it! – How? Where? – [Lucy] One, two, three, you didn’t even realize it! Addy was fast, she had 16 whole seconds left, good job girlie. For our last Valentine’s
Minute to Win It activity, we’re taking four Hershey Kisses and we’re gonna put them on the table. We’re gonna blow a balloon up, and then in one minute they have to use the air in the balloon to try to blow off all four Hershey Kisses off the table. Now I’m gonna set my timer, we’re gonna see if she can blow all four Hershey Kisses off of the table. Go! Oh good job! Oh oh oh no! Give her another balloon. Okay, she’s got two off, oh no! – Give her another one, hurry, hurry! – Time’s almost up! (laughs) I think time is up.
– [Presley] I did it! – Did we give it to her? (laughs) She did it, all right we’re
gonna give it to you Presley. Good job girlie. Ideally you just use one
ballon the whole time, you blow it up really big and you have to do it
really strategically, we had to help Presley
out, but that was okay. Addy, do you think you can
do it with one balloon? – Um. – [Lucy] Go! Oh, you gotta aim down! Okay, there’s one. C’mon, oh two, okay she’s got two. 43 seconds, oh she’s got three, only one more to go! Can she do it? Oh, yes in 34 seconds left! And since we just had
a Valentine’s play date with Valentine’s slime, and Valentine’s games and a lot of Valentine’s fun, it only makes sense that you get to go home
with a Valentine’s gift. We are sending everyone home with an XOXO Exclusive Glitter Friend. Because it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift, one for you Miss Chloe, and Miss Presley, one for you too girlie. And parents if you’re looking for a good Valentine’s gift for your friends, all of our XOXO line is perfect, because it’s XOXO, it’s all about Valentine’s Day right? What do we say? – [All] Thank you for watching XOXO! Bye! – Don’t forget to subscribe to Tic Tac Toy and Tic Tac Toy Family, and follow us on Instagram
@tictactoyfamily. See you next time, XOXO.